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Friday, March 23, 2007

Update and Last Post.

Hey peeps... Let me start by apologising for restricting my blog the way I did...Like NTA, it was due to reasons beyond my control. I have decided to shut down (to public viewing) my blog earlier than anticipated. As a result of this, this final post is going to be extremely long. If you'd like to gain access to my blog once it's restricted, please send me an email and I'll work on giving you permission...my email address is SpicyMiguel@Gmail.com .

Mumsie Update

So I finally saw my mum, I showed up about 1 am in the hope that she'd be sleeping and since my flight was around noon the next day, I felt that would give us little time to talk but let's just say things didn't quite work out that way...my mum was waiting for me when I got to the house...lets just say I was up till about 4am... We spoke, touched on a couple of my exes, my issues (apparently I am the one with major issues not them) and finally my mum dropped a word of wisdom that I've vowed will lead me from hence forth..."Do not seek in flesh but by the Holy Spirit".... as soon as she said this, I felt a conviction within me... I have gone around searching the wrong way...nothing stops you from desiring a beautiful, intelligent wife but let it be based on the prompting of the Holy Spirit and not of your flesh... Anyway as much as I try to avoid having the relationship conversation with mumsie, I must say when I look back, my resistance has been more of my fear that she'll hit me with the truth than her persistence. Anyway I'm back from Atlanta with a really bad cough...any offers to take care of me will duly be noted and considered.. mummy isn't around ..sob sob sob sob.....


I wanted to dedicate a post of thanks to each and every blogger that has impacted me one way or another through my years of blogging but as a result of my decision to shut this down sooner than previously anticipated, I'll use this farewell to thank each one of them.
A few months ago, I considered not blogging again due to certain trends I had noticed within the blog world and mostly as a result of a lack of passion to write. At this point and during what I'll have to regard as the most challenging summer of my life, Belle was the friend who talked me out of this, she became my sounding board, giving me so much inspiration (negatively and positively) which fueled my desire to write again. It's funny because I knew Belle at the time I started blogging but we never said a word to each other...this blog led to our formal introduction... every week we showed up at a certain place but could never imagine we were both bloggers... Though I am quick to tell her she has issues (joke!), she's a really funny, interesting person and my prayer for her is that with time, God will give her the peace and patience that passeth understanding...for the rest of my life, I'll remember that summer but I'll always remember the friend you were during those trying times...thanks a bunch...May God elevate you beyond your wildest imaginations and may you find Joy in all you do and may He reward the works of your hands.
Diamondhawk during my dry spell, when I kept asking myself what my blog should be about, God used you as a tool to bring me His word and purpose for my blog. It's been great sharing my life experiences with the blog world...hopefully it's touched someone in one way or another...I thank you for allowing yourself to be used the way you were...thank you for always making me an inclusion in activities or posts pertaining to the word...your relationship blog gave me a stream to draw from and the willingness to expose my shortcomings knowing that through my weakness our God is made strong. Also, lately you've given me something additional that I need to work on....every TERC meeting, you come on excited and I pray that every early/late hour of my life that starts & ends with God, I'll forever be excited in fellowshipping or giving Him the praise and worship that is due Him, with such vigor as I've experienced through you.
Ms.May...Your beauty and intelligence and your ability to remain humble and down-to-earth in the midst of praise, amazes me. Ever since your return from Nigeria, your happiness has given me more reasons to believe and thank God for His creation and hope that out there exists that special one made for me. I thank God for allowing our paths to cross...this last meeting was phenomenal because friends that had a chance to meet and interact with you, couldn't help but sing your praises in terms of your personality. I thank God for continuing to increase you and I thank Him for the man He's given you; this man that has brought you such happiness....the happiness in your voice each time we speak, leaves me smiling....just remember that people will always talk...let it be just that TALK! pray for what you have for many would die for it even the Haters!!!(lol)...My prayer for you is that God in His abundance will give both of you the strength needed to bring your relationship to that point of completion...Never change your person for anyone or anything...thanks for your friendship (though I promise to get back at you for siding with Eddie). The true sign of a blessed child is increase...like I said when we first met and it still holds true today, you are blessed and highly favored.
Jaycee...after reading such powerful and spirit-filled posts on your site, I expected the day I hear your voice, it would sound like thunder...lol.... I thank God for the passion that comes in your writing and the validation that comes through your words. In my years of ministry, I am yet to find one whom God has blessed with the ability to simplify and make practical His word the way you have. You remind me of the story of Samuel when he went to anoint a King after Saul had fallen out of favor with God and expected someone of the same stature as Saul...you are the David, God chose to anoint...I pray as you grow, God will continue to grant you wisdom... I pray as in the case of Solomon, each and every person that comes in contact with you will realize the greatness of God and the gift He has blessed you with. May God's hands continue to be light upon you and may He reveal to you His purpose for your life and may your will be entwined with His. At times it might be tough but keep fighting the good fight...keep blessing the people with His word for in due season you will reap bountifully.
Naijabloke... Thanks for always having my back especially when I post gender topics that could be perceived as being controversial. Your rib-cracking jokes have been great ice-breakers for me...As you pray for strength from the Lord in order to know His thoughts towards you, I pray that He gives you such great revelation that will build you up and make you a foot soldier in His army. Be strong and of good faith my brother...for eyes and ear have not seen nor heard the great things God will do to and through you.
Life of a stranger called me....At some point I went through my posts and realized you've consistently encouraged me without fail. I thank God for like-minded people like yourself... I pray that His truth will forever be our manual and His light our focus. As you make your transition, I pray that God will reveal his purpose for you life...as you've encouraged me, I pray you will be encouraged...as you've sought Him, I pray you will be sought...as you've desired to know Him, I pray that he will reveal Himself to you.
I'll like to thank every other blogger out there that has ever read my blog or left a comment. Through your comments, I have learnt a lot and through what I've learnt, I've been able to share more. I pray the good Lord blesses y'all... I pray that your barns will continue to be full... I pray that His love will never depart from you but lead you to fulfilment. Temmy, Teva, Biodun, Mari, Londonbuki, Zioner, naijadude, t-minx, mphahlele thanks for the comments you've left me time and time again....I've had so much joy sharing with y'all and also learning from your blogs.... your blogs have been favorites of mine for the longest and I've never been disappointed be it when I am in search of gist, knowing I can always trust Temmy to give me mouth watering gists, be it in terms of scoping, trusting Teva to always deliver on her latest experi-MEN, be it in the innocence of Biodun's post, the love in Londonbuki's post, the laughs in Mari's experiences, the support in Zioners comments, the bachelor trashing I received from naijadude, the ever creative and gist filled t-minx and my ever disappearing blogger pal Mphahlele...Thanks a bunch! If I carelessly left anyone out of this list, please note that it wasn't intentional but an error that can only be blamed on my memory and not my heart.

Finally, I'll leave y'all with this... Regardless of what you choose to believe, I am sure there's a part of you that realizes or at least in any small way believes there is a God somewhere.... My life was headed no where when God embraced me....Every day I have struggled to live the life He expects of me...some days I've been victorious and other days I have failed but the Holy Spirit has continued to help my infirmities...I have experienced God in ways that many can only dream of... I have experienced His goodness countless times... As condemnable as my past could have been, He has given me a present and a future that has left people amazed at His power. My prayer as you read this is that you'll make that decision to know Him more....for those that don't currently have a relationship with God, my prayer is that as you've experienced this little part of my life, you'll be encouraged to seek Him.... He is not a God that hides...He is available to you....unlike the world we live in, He neither slumbers nor sleeps...no holidays, no breaks.... I pray as you read this you'll make up your mind to try Him... I promise you'll never be the same... if you've made that decision, I ask that you join me in saying this simple prayer
Lord Jesus, I acknowledge that I am a sinner. I believe that you came to the earth to die for my sins and you rose from the dead to give me life abundantly. I confess you as Lord of my life. I ask you to come into my heart and make me a brand new person. Amen.
If you've said this prayer and you meant it, you've accepted Jesus as your personal savior. The promises of Abraham are yours....you've been delivered from the authority of the devil, and have been granted the dynamic power to live life abundantly. Feel free to email me with whatever questions or concerns you might have (spicymiguel@gmail.com). May God continue to bless and elevate you...may His light shine upon you...may He hear you when you call and may He fill your days with Joy through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Atl is off the chain...the weather has been great, got a chance to play a few rounds of golf yesterday, had a nice dinner...met up with the ever lovely and dazzling Ms. May... More gist to follow... getting ready to go have lunch with a babe that gave me Isho (nail) a while back......

Haven't seen mumsie yet...ok ok ok she doesn't know i am in town yet... I've been cruising around town in a rented mini-van....with me cruising around town in that van, no one will know I am in town... by the way do you guys realize that driving a mini-van is a huge turn-on for the ladies? Guys if you wan jam okpeke (I can't vouch for her character ooo)...jus drive mini-van in your town...studies carried out by the SPICYMIGUEL Institute of "Catch a babe, make a wife" have found that ladies are attracted to guys that are stable...so you find girls attracted to married men and guys in mini-vans.... I'll keep y'all posted on how many numbers (digits- fake or real) we get ...all I need to get now in order to make this latest study complete is a doll that cries and probably a dog....

Man see the things I do for you guys... Oh well! I'll be back to gist you guys about my lunch with the lady of nails.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Off to Atlanta!!!

So my spring break has started...heading to Atlanta to golf for a day or two (ok ok ok I miss my mummy too)...Anyway the excitement has subsided even before I take off....The saga has returned.

So this Sunday I didn't minister in church and as such showed up for just one service instead of the regular two services. I knew the Pastors were going to inundate me with questions and as such I chose to sit in a place where I could easily exit from the sanctuary after service. Well lets just say God being a Humour-filled God, decided to send an usher after me...before I knew it, I was sitting directly behind the choir...after service, I had to join them for prayer and before I knew what was going on, I had meetings scheduled with the Pastors.... Lets just say my meeting with the first two Pastors wasn't as worrisome as my conversation with the third pastor.
Conversation went something like this

Pastor: Miguellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
Miguel: Pastorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Pastor: whats going on with you?
Miguel: Not a whole lot, still trying to make a decision on where I want to be post-MBA
Pastor: what options are you looking at now?
Miguel: India, Nigeria, stay back here or an offer out of state
Pastor: Cool. I trust you'll pick God's best for you...soo what is going on?
Miguel: nothing else just chilling and preparing for my trip to Atl
Pastor: Ok since you wont answer me directly...how are the ladies?
Miguel: em.. Pastor I am taking a break from my search to work on myself a bit more
Pastor: Work on what....noooo you've been working on yourself for too long now its time you work on her
Miguel: Pastor it's tough out there
Pastor: well if you'll just lower your chin a bit, I bet you'll see what is around you...Quit chasing a phantom.

Now his last comment hurt me... I truly don't think my expectations are ridiculous... I just believe when you are making a decision which could impact your life greatly, it's wise you seek out whats best for you...what is wrong in waiting to marry Naija's version of Gabrielle Union? whatttttttt? we just haven't met that's the only delay ...I am aware it could take forever to meet and if that's how long I have to wait, then I'll wait....any Gabrielle Unions out there? cough!

Each time I've had this type of conversation with pastors, my mum has always been the brain behind them. So as I head to Atlanta, I won't be shocked if she has another speech prepared for me... her classic is " Papa (my pet name), I received a word for you...It's your season to find your partner...the bible says he who finds a wife, finds a good thing and obtaineth favor from God"... I am normally quiet when she says this but this time I have something in-store for her...
"Mummy lets focus on the keyword "FINDS"". lol....man I feel a sharp look coming my way and a lot of bible passages.

Anyway I'll be out there for a couple of days....will keep y'all posted..............

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I have a huge exam tomorrow but for some strange reason I can't get myself to study... So while sitting back, trying to figure out why I lack the motivation to study, it hit me BIG TIME! I have had this problem from my early years....I successfully traced it back to nursery School ..YESSSSSSS...I said it nursery school.... a number of you on here will be able to relate once I delve into my discovery...

Nursery school Rhymes

Jack and Jill :
Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water. Jack fell down and BROKE his head and Jill came tumbling after.
ok my people explain to me how this could have happened. There had to be a third person up there with them... my theory is Jack was toasting Jill and as per correct bobo, decided to escort Jill to fetch water (which river is up the hill?...hmm kai it's even more confusing as I type this)..ok ok ok I digress...so as they got up the hill, 1st generation OJ (Jills current boy friend ..his name was probably Wasiu, Obelife, Igbhinoviaghoneme) was up there waiting for them and decided to teach them a lesson...why couldn't the guy just drag Jill away from Jack? did he push Jack and when Jill sparked and said it was over, push Jill as well?what do you guys think?

Black Sheep:
Baa Baa black sheep, have you any wool? Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full...one for the master, one for the dame and one for the little boy who lives in our lane.
How many of you have seen a black sheep before? Okay how many of you have spoken with one? You see how these people confused us? I can't wait to sue my nursery school for the damage they caused me growing up...I tried communicating with animals...the time I used in learning this poem and working on my animal talk, I would have learnt another language!

Twinkle Twinkle little star:
Twinkle, twinkle, little star,How I wonder what you are.Up above the world so high,Like a diamond in the sky.Twinkle, twinkle, little star,How I wonder what you are!
What rubbishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....twinkle twinkle little STAR, how I wonder what you are. IT IS A STARRRRRRRRRR!!!! my goodness! no wonder why people say I over-analyze my business cases....why wouldn't I ...see what I had to go through!

Georgy Porgy:
Georgy Porgy, pudding and pie,Kissed the girls and made them cry.When the boys came out to play,Georgy Porgy ran away.
Ok and we complain about the rising number of pedophiles? give me a break! Explain to me why a kiss would make a girl cry?...hmmm

Humpty dumpty
Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,Humpty Dumpty had a great fall;All the King's horses and all the King's men,Couldn't put Humpty together again.
Enough said!

One two buckle my shoes! three four knock at the door, five six pick up sticks, seven eight lay them straight, nine ten a big fat hen
And when I had difficulty counting past ten they wanted to beat me red.... I couldn't come up with anything that rhymed with eleven twelve....still struggling to come up with something that rhymes with it....

Ok so you people see how troubled I am...so in case I don't do well in my exam and I sue my current school for not picking up on my troubled past, you all can bare me witness abi?
cool so no jacking for me jare....what's on TV...Sesame Street??????? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Yankee kids claim they are troubled...troubled ko doubled ni....they should come and try me!

Monday, March 12, 2007

What a weekend!

Hey Peeeepssssss.....wazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzupppppppppppppppppppppppp? How are you guys holding up? hope everyone is doing well... well I am taking a break from my thank-a-ton to post this blog cause I found what happened this weekend particularly interesting and worth blogging about...Before I delve into my story, a friend called my attention to my thank-a-ton and is offended they haven't been featured yet....let me be clear oooo ...the list is in no order... When I wake up and I look at my screen, I blog about the first name that comes to mind...which could greatly be based on my interaction with their blogs the night before or the fact that I have been able to put enough data of thanks on them...so no offence oooo abeg....

Anyway on my way back into town, I got wind of some controversy my comment on a blog had caused...it's funny cause time and time again, I read my comment and couldn't understand what the fuss was...I actually had to get an unbiased opinion from a friend (lol) and she couldn't figure out what the big deal was but I chose to apologize because it wasn't anyones fault but mine... I broke a cardinal rule of mine...view some blogs but never comment! Anyway the harm has been done and quite frankly I could careless at this point...One piece of advice to people...the minute you put yourself out to be criticized, be prepared to deal with all manners of criticism...you can't pick and choose what opinions you welcome (but hey I almost forgot ...we are Nigerians! that's right...freedom of speech doesn't exist). This episode makes for a perfect segway into my weekend gist.

As usual let me make this clarification...I make no excuse for what I choose to blog about or my opinion on the topics I choose to post (however myopic some self-acclaimed, blog commenting genius might feel)... also at no point have I portrayed myself as a saint, neither do I want to be perceived as one... I choose to write about topics that impact my style of thinking or living. This is not intended to be a generalization but rather an insight into my world and experiences.

How things have changed.... I continue to feel like a relic in this modern world... Sex after marriage has become soooo unpopular in our society today that those of us that believe in it almost have a problem stating it for fear of being perceived as a queer. I remember recently sharing this with a babe and without hesitation she stated "there has to be something wrong with you!"... The more I experience this the clearer its become...the signs of times are evident.
Previously boy meets girl, girl seeks to protect herself so she makes it clear that she doesn't believe in sex before marriage. The boy sits back and works out a strategy, on how to get the babe into bed...These days its totally different...you tell a babe that you don't believe in sex before marriage and she feels you are either gay or you are hiding something or probably sleeping with someone else.

What has brought about this sudden change? Do people feel without sex they can't have a successful relationship, is it the fear that you might not be sexually compatible with your partner? wharrrrrrrrrrrrrris going onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn?

I truly tried defending myself but it was tough...my tight fitting jeans, colorful combos, talk of manicure and pedicure, offer to help loosen braids didn't help at alllllllllll.....
So familia really what do you think is the reason for this latest phenomenon?

Saturday, March 10, 2007


Hey peeps...sorry for the break in transmission... I am currently out of town and have three exams to prepare for. Anyway while taking a break from my studies, I felt it best to write this post.

So the next blogger on my thank you list is my blog-sis Bijou or Cherub or if you are like me, you'll call her BijouCherubxoxo...

Bijou thanks for your encouragement all through my time on here... your invitation to discuss the mysteries of God and the challenges you brought each time I placed a controversial post. It's been a blast having a sister like you pushing God's word on here....no meal is as filling as the word of God and I pray it continues to nourish you and give you clarity as you go through this period of decisions and other periods....Remember... Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight (Proverbs 3:5-6)...for in His palms lies all creation...He is able to turn the hearts of kings whichever way that pleases Him....He didn't have to study in order to create the world nor man... the Bible says he spoke the word and the world was created ...He breath life into man....so always remember that every situation bows to His authority. I trust His plans for you will blow you away!

Just when I thought you were done, you came up with TERC....my goodness!...what manner of woman are you? my dear you have no worry for I have never seen the righteous forsaken and God will reward the work of your hands... TERC has been a blessing...On the two occassions that His grace has ensured my attendance, I've left there feeling refreshed and blessed...Like a hungry soldier that has been fed and is ready for war.... Thanks for putting together such a powerful gathering... Like Jaycee says there is a greater prupose for that meeting and in due season, God will reveal His purpose...do not tarry for the Bible says he will bless you abundantly and as a worker in His vine yard, he'll take care of that which concerns you.

I could keep writing but I trust the prayer in my heart for you is adequate and the Lord will reward you abundantly. Continue to be the light and the salt of the world...continue to walk in His presence.

Thanks for renewing my hope in our generation....Let's continue to fight and bring about a greater awareness of God's glory...Our testimonies aren't for our personal collection...let's share Gods goodness even if the world chooses to be deaf.

Thanks a bunch! Let's take it to the next level!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Surprised???? yeah I bet she'll be more surprised than the rest of you... I hardly leave a comment on her blog but I visit quite a bit. Her site has been a tremendous blessing to me.

What can I say about LondonBuki that you all don't know... My first encounter with her blog was when I had to deal with some family issues of my own. Visiting her page assured me of God's love for His children. Regardless of what we face or the lies of the devil, for so long as you keep believing that the God you serve is greater than any battle or situations the devil might present, you are assured of victory. Her site also re-confirmed the bond between a mother and a child.

LondonBuki I thank God for your strength and belief regardless of what you are going through... I join you in declaring that your mum is well in Jesus name...Every weapon formed against your mum, yourself or your loved ones will come to nought and will be returned to sender... The healing power of the Lord is sufficient and will speak into your mum's situation. The Lord is your strength and your refuge...continue to seek His face...continue to wait on him... I have never seen the righteous forsaken.....I bless God for daughters like you and the hope you give others out there.

Thanks for allowing me take this ride with you and thanks for showing such strength in the midst of the storm...Be still! my dear, know the Lord your God is mighty and that in His time all things are made perfect.

Check out her site when you get a chance www.bukis101.blogspot.com

Saturday, March 03, 2007

3T's of Tunde

The 3Ts of Tunde

So in coming up with a list of bloggers who have impacted me personally, I thought it only fair to start off with the person that actually got me interested in blogging in the first place.

Many at times we go through life seeking out people that not only positively impact our lives but also add value and truly define the word friend in words and in deeds. I must say I am one of the fortunate few knowing that I can count Tunde as a friend.

Dude just watching you, opened up doors for me to see the world in a different light. From you I learnt that the world is what you make of it...I learnt that despite what may look like our limitations, it only manifests if we ourselves perceive it as such. Your dedication to learning about God despite your busy schedule, gave me a point of reference through out this two years as I continued to serve God and deal with the stresses of Business school. I thank God that He gave me an opportunity to experience a friendship such as yours and though our distance may seem far, your blog has kept me inspired. Through your blog, I realized that perfection is of the Lord and truly it's through our weakness that our God is made strong...the fact that you so openly discuss your shortcomings exposes people to the awesome grace of God.

Dude while it's painfully obvious you have no talent (I take that back...you seem to have inherited one from Chief....by the way, Dude I hate to be the one to tell you this but Acting is not your forte....It's even tough getting Nollywood producers to consider you for an Extra in any of their movies)....your sense of humor is off the chain and I continue to remember many laughs.

I never thanked you for this but I thank you for speaking sense and life into me when I almost gave up. I thank you for helping me through that tough period... your jokes and sarcasm whipped me into shape. Thanks for tolerating my inadequacies and seeing through it all to understand my person.

For those of you who haven't had the privilege of meeting this dude in person, feel free to visit his blog http://www.boodaman.blogspot.com I promise you wont be disappointed.

Ladies, I am really keen on hooking this dude up...Teva, Temmy & Ms. May can bare me witness, this dude is the complete package!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

100 days countdown

Hey folks... hope everyone is doing well. I have been rather busy rounding up this phase of my life. As exciting as this phase has been, it's brought with it certain challenges.

A couple of years ago when I started this blog, the idea was to chronicle my Pre-Business School experience and experience during the program. Moving to a new city, especially one I had never been to prior to the start of my program brought about more challenges than I could imagine or prepare for. I have always been known as an adventurous person with an inquisitive mind and I must say this experience has tested the core of my being and I must say I'll truly cherish this experience.

When I moved into this city, this blog acted as the support system I needed. I've made a number of friends, had an opportunity to share with some, been more educated through what I've read from some sites, been challenged to be a better person through experiences shared by others, been amazed in terms of how diverse we as a people are based on our thought, creativity and how we share those in our stories, had an opportunity to meet in person a couple of people on here. In all it's been a great experience.

As with everything in life, there comes a time to re-assess and reflect on certain things we are involved in...I am a very passionate person and I tend to drive my decisions based on how passionate I am about what it is I am involved in...of late, it's been a struggle finding that passion to share my experiences on here as much as I'd like...there are a variety of reasons which could account for this but I choose not to delve into those for now.

In 100 days (by God's Grace), I'll be graduating from Business school and since this blog was put together to chronicle that experience, it's only right to close this blog at that time.

I have totally enjoyed this experience and as such for the next 100 days, I'll feature or write about blogs that have influenced me greatly. This is my way of thanking those bloggers for the impact they make in lives without truly knowing.

Let the celebrations begin!!!!!!!!!!