Where do I start

Monday, July 28, 2008

Picture Prospect Club

You want to join...Membership is free...opportunities with this club are endless. You've just had a preview of the club I've been invited to join. I must say it's always nice when folks think your profile fits the caliber of folks they are trying to attract. While my mates are getting invites into the inner circle of the Bill Gates of this world, I am getting invited to join the Picture Prospect Club.

The Picture Prospect Club is for professionals looking to settle down but who lack the "liver" to toast a lady, can't easily locate ladies, are too busy to make time out to find their mate or for one who friends have termed a "hopeless" case in terms of meeting a lady. I've been told by those that seek to induct me into this club that I fall into the fourth category. So you might be wondering how does the Picture Prospect Club's (PPC) operate? Well they fill your inbox with pictures of ladies, some you know and many you don't know. The idea is for you to go through the pictures, inform the power that be if any interests you at which point they go into hook-up mode.

We all have friends who belong to this club..whether they realize it or not. Anyway Friday night, was guys night out...I hung out with seven guy friends...we decided to go to my favorite cafe, chill, hang out and generally reminisce. For some strange reason (I guess out of excitement I was finally going out on a Friday night), it didn't hit me that all the guys were married...Now I don't know how it works when the ladies have their night out but with the guys, if you happen to be the only single guy in the midst of married men, be sure that if you don't have strong yabs, you are going to be the bunt of their jokes ..ALL NIGHT! After settling in at the cafe, the salvos began...Almost every lady that walked into the cafe became a potential wife for Miguel...Talk about embarrassment galore...

So you'd think I learnt my lesson from that experience...Naaaa not me...Sunday, I decided to carry my head and legs to a surprise party for a friends sister, who happens to be married. Now I didn't think nothing of it until I noticed that 85% of folks in attendance were married, 12% engaged and the remaining 3% either in a relationship or single with a comma. Anyway so while looking for a group to interact with, I was left with the most obvious choice...the married men! And yesssssss you catch my drift I was the bunt of their jokes...Those that knew me went through my past like they were rumbling through trash for something of value. Anyway at this meeting I guess the decision to induct me into PPC was birth.

The PPC must be a successful club cause it beats me why women continue to send these guys their pictures. I mean the fact that a guy is married doesn't mean he'll have great success hooking you up with his single friend. The funniest thing I gathered is women actually send updated pictures...lol...

Anyway, I am off to visit my inbox...Who knows I might find a picture of you in there...lol

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Nothing do you!!!

Wow!!! It a miracle!!! I found my way to my blog!!!...Lol...I realize I have been gone for a while...Wish I could blame it on something...hmmm...let's see...Yeahhh...Face book!!! It's taken over the little social life I have...I hardly feel the need to blog these days. I must confess I've thought about shutting down this blog but I can't seem to do it...I guess it remains the only authentic way I can freely express what is going on in my life and in my head. Oh well...Summer is here and we all know what summer brings...new love, challenges and weddings.

So during my time away from my blog, I've discovered and become a fan of NE-YO. Yeah dude is a genius!!! I mean his song writing skills are off the hook!!! Yup you read me right...I've become a huge Ne-Yo fan...I've downloaded majority of his songs onto my IPOD. Each time I tell my friends about this new discovery, I get a strange look like "what jungle has he been in for the past few years?"... Don't blame me... I just got tired of the direction I felt music was headed...I stopped listening to the radio or watching music channels for fear I'd get a migraine.

Anyway, just thought I'd swing by...show some love and let you guys know I am still alive and plan to keep updating this page. I am looking forward to an exciting and fun filled summer...Hopefully with a lot of gist to share. So until I come your way again, enjoy your summer...remember life isn't worth living if you aren't willing to explore. I am off to exploreeeeeeeee.