Where do I start

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Yeah yeah yeah...I've been gone for a while but folks you can't blame this brother ooo ... The past three weeks have been hectic...I've had to make some whirlwind trips, dance like music was ending tomorrow, network like rapture was about to happen. I mean as I sit here typing this, I am getting ready to jet out tomorrow. A friend said with the way I have been traveling, the current credit crisis hasn't touched me yet... How I wish that was the case. It's touched me in so many ways, I feel violated but it's God that keeps His own.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages...it's with deep sadness, a deafening realization and painful admission of my aging bones that I announce my retirement from break-dancing and any form of dancing that require mimicking MC Hammer. This retirement has been in the works for a number of years but it's been tough admitting to the changes in my physic as I have aged. Last weekend,I went to a friends bachelor eves party, not only did I bring the house down with my dance moves but I also brought about excruciating pains to my joints in the process. Advice to those still living in the 90's ...Please for the sake of your generation unborn (especially guys), do not attempt to do a "split" when dancing!!! Yeah I am sure folks will scream in ecstasy but trust me the pain you get from hitting your knees on the floor and pulling your groin isn't worth the screams.

Anyway so I flew into DC during the week, finally met up with Ms. Whine-Chat (I've known her for about 10 years but this was our first meeting)...this babe is a trip!!! lol...I wish I had a couple more days to spend with her catching up but Ms. Whine-Chat, it was fun finally meeting you in person.

So Last week I fulfilled one of my many desires (I have a list of things I want to accomplish before I leave the US)... I got a chance to drive from DC to NY. For those of you that know me, I enjoy taking random road trips...I've covered a number of popular routes but never done the tri-state. So I rented a car from DC and drove into NY...succeeded in getting a speeding ticket in DC(silly camera caught me), a toll violation in Delaware (I didn't have cash on me to pay the tolls ...in my defense I completely forgot about tolls), a lesson in parking in NY...Ahhh!!! the sort of experience an adventurer like myself craves. I am of the opinion that driving should be banned in NY...Jokes apart oooo but with the way folks drive in that city, you could drive in there a saint and leave there an agent of the devil. You are not just battling with the other drivers but also with the pedestrians who have no regard for street lights or speeding vehicles...to make matters worse, Mapquest decided it was in a city such as this that it should play its part in losing me, it had me circling central park like a tour bus taking tourists on a ride. You know what they say about men and their problem with stopping to ask for directions? It doesn't apply in NY. You stop to ask for directions and folks think you are crazy...even the cops! I parked in the middle of the road (it's common practice out there), walked up to this officer and asked for directions...She gave me this weird look... I thought it was because I had parked in the middle of the road but nooooooooooo it was the fact I walked up to her to ask for directions...Ma'm please how can I get to Queensboro bridge? ..What? (with a scary look on her face)...I am looking for Queensboro bridge... Just drive down and ask someone! Huh? drive down and ask someone? I AM ASKING YOU!!!

In other news, sharp rise in number of engagements and weddings, and an even sharper rise in number of early divorces (3 months-1 year). Forgive me for the analogy I am about to make but it's the best way I can express the stories I've been hearing of late. Folks now compare marriage to a car buying experience. You go out, decide on the type of vehicle you want(a truck, SUV, coupe),the make (BMW, Benz, Lexus) and the year (2008, 2007, 2006)...Negotiate price, then decide if you want to buy it or lease it. These days most marriages happening are leases... Folks decide to get married, after three months you hear they are getting a divorce!!! You ask them what went wrong and the excuses you hear these days would floor you... I was talking to one of such and expressed my shock and the lady goes..."why are you surprised?...at least we lasted a year. I know others that didn't even last three months. Nowadays, no one has time to waste ooo if it is not working, we find our square roots". That conversation got me thinking and this weekend as I attended a wedding reception, I finally found somewhat of an answer. I bumped into this babe that I've known for quite some time....Let me give you some background..a couple of months ago, she was single and looking for a man...Anyway as we exchanged pleasantries, I noticed a ring on her finger...When I asked she said she had just gotten engaged...How long had she known this guy? a matter of weeks. Another babe just broke up with a guy she was engaged to two weeks ago and I've just gathered she's engaged to someone else now...I realize some would argue that finding a partner or love has nothing to do with length of time you've known the person but I tend to believe the current spike in divorce rates are as a result of misplaced priorities and a lack of proper due diligence of which length of time you've known a person plays a huge role.

Whatever the case may be, it is still a worrying trend. I just hope those of us looking will take this into consideration as we seek our help-mate.

In all I am excited...Good things happening..I'll be breaking some huge news soon...so watch this page! I love summers...Loads of weddings!!!

Anyway I need to go put 3-T to sleep (He is such a big baby!!!), prep for my next mission and prepare to diss the Manchester United vs Chelsea game...I really don't care who wins...How I wish there was a way to end the match without a winner! Arsenal for lifeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Just got into town from a quick, exhaustive trip. I need to get some rest but I'll be back in a day with some gist. I must say anyone planning on moving back to Nigeria, should take a trip to New York first. Rent a car and experience the driving there...if after such an experience you are convinced you can handle that on a daily basis, then you are prepared for Nigeria!

Anyway not to spoil the gist...I'll be back shortly...In the meantime, enjoy this video by Gbenga Adenuga, Wale Adenuga and Kunle Fadahunsi...Be blessed!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Alive and Well!!!

I realize I haven't been on here for close to two weeks. All is well!! I'll probably put something up when I settle back in next week.

Happy Mothers day to all the mothers.

My mum's birthday is on Saturday... Happy birthday Mum!!! Thanks for being an inspiration and my biggest fan. Those times I've faltered, you've stood firmly by me, reminding me of my strengths in the face of moments when I am weak. Words cannot and will not completely capture what you mean to me and all that you've given to me but if through my life and the choices I make, I am able to show forth all that you've taught me, I want you to know that's my way of expressing the undying love I have for you. I am and can be anything I desire because of God's kindness in giving me a mother like you. At times when the weight of my dreams seem unbearable, you always seem to have the right words to ease the burden. I am the man that I am because God gave me a mother like you...My story will never be complete without chapters filled with your praise. If I ever doubted God's favor/hand upon my life, I am reminded he gave me you as my mother. My fight has been your fight, my battles your battles and my war has been your war...you've never receded!!!

So Mum, just like you've heard me sing this song to you almost every year, I am back singing it this year. Sweet Mother!