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Thursday, August 30, 2007

It's our country, our home!!!

Surpriseeeeeeeee....I am back! You guys really believed I'd go back to the store to steal a bar of snickers? shame on y'alllllll...I must confess though I seriously considered speaking to the store manager about my missing snicker bar... hmmph!

So how have y'all been? I've been freshhhhhhhhh...kinda frustrated with folks back home...I've been negotiating a move back and these people are offering me some useless pay package...by the time I pay rent, buy suya, pepper chicken, toast Amina, Zainab and Kafilat, I'd be broke.... So I've been doing shakara for them and I guess they got tired as well and decided to do their own shakara ..So at present we are waiting to see who will budge first...lol...Jokes apart...this is frustrating and really upsetting...these people will never offer an oyinbo man the crap they are offering me...It's sad how we look upon ourselves as being inferior to the oyinbos... They make the ridiculous argument that one has to understand that these people are leaving their home countries to work in a foreign land...who forced them? is it by force to hire them? We have able and qualified Nigerians at home and abroad, capable of doing the work these so called expatriates do..so why not pay our people their worth? Arrrrrgggggggggggggggggg!!!

Sorry guys but I think its about time we reclaim our country... I am tired of playing second class in their country and then returning to mine to continue in the same position...Enough is enough....Uzobu Uzobu enyinba eyin..Uzobu, eyinba, (sing along with me!!!)...Okay so I am done sparking...lol...Like most Nigerians this is where it ends....we spark, spark, spark but no action.. We are like the woman Fela referred to in his song "Shakara"...I go slap you...na shakara... I go kick you...na shakara! All screams no bite! A number of people have set up organizations, targeted at bringing young professionals in the diaspora back home but it's funny how after a couple of meetings, those organizations rather than focusing on the mission they started off with, become hook up spots (I am not complaining ooo ...I support any organization that can bring together my beautiful naija babes...cause I need all the help I can get in finding my naija wife) but seriously though... I think it's time for a change... I've been trying to think up what to do and how to go about drumming up support and ideas... Any suggestion is welcomed...Nigeria na our own make we make am better!

Anyway I am off! Just needed to vent...

Friday, August 24, 2007

The case of a missing subject! naaa object!! Whatever!

I'll be frank it's been tough getting myself to blog again...The news knocked the breath out of me ... Within the past week I've spoken to quite a number of friends and no one seems to have recovered from the shock...Rogba's funeral was yesterday... "It's well", "it's well" that's what I keep saying to myself and others...It's well.

So yesterday I decided to indulge myself....got my favorite meal (Rice & plantain), decided to add Ewa Agoyin (Beans) into the mix, got me a few bottles of my favorite Nantucket Big Cranberry (you could buy me with a few bottles) and also a bar of Snickers...The plan was to stuff myself... It was either that or sit around crying (yeah yeah yeah men are not suppose to cry...tell that to the birds... I cry!)... Anyway I got everything needed and after demolishing the rice and plantain, I decided to assault the ewa agoyin and that is where the drama started....I must say the person that discovered ewa agoyin is twisted...Why do I say that? how can you make such a tempting dish that on one hand is about the sweetest beans you could ever have and on the other hand it drives your bowel insane (man the pepper in that thing should be outlawed!!!)? After a few forks of the beans, I found myself in a secluded room...just myself, the white throne and my screams (you get the picture...lol)...By the way it's a terrible idea to eat a peppery substance and try calming the sting with cranberry....ahhhhh what was I thinking? was I thinking in the first place? kai!

I got back into my room and decided to eat my bar of snicker in the hope that it would help take my mind off my demonstrating bowel...as I cheerfully looked into the bag to pull out my chocolate, I discovered it was missing....now this is where drama two started... I practically ransacked everywhere in the room...re-traced my steps....walked out in heavy rain trying to see if the bar had mistakenly dropped while I walked home...lol....yeah I can hear some say "this dude is crazy" naaa people I am not crazy....When I crave something, I'd go to the farthest parts of the earth to find it. Anyway I walked back into the house, spent a few more minutes searching my room and I still could not find my bar of snickers...which led me to three (in my books only two are valid) conclusions
Conclusion 1: It's either my room mate stole it!!! Yessssss I am accusing the brethren.... Why? cause I feel like it!...though I must say when I was walking out of the house, he had this look on his face like "yeah I stole your bar of snickers" or could it be that is just the way he looks?....oh well I'll put my investigative skills into use...check the trash bag in his room, toilet and kitchen... Man I should actually join the cast of CSI...I am a natural!
Conclusion 2: Nothing against my Indian folks but I bought the bar from an Indian shop and knowing how serious those guys take the matter of profitability, I suspect they have a repossessing machine for items bought in their store. So you walk in there and like myself, you buy a bar of snickers, if you do not immediately open the wrap once you leave the store, they automatically program the repossessor (it's a valid word...check onibonje dictionary Volume 6) and voila! your candy returns to their shelves. Anyway I can't prove this second theory but I plan to walk into their store tomorrow...I'll take a bar of snickers and walk out without paying...if it makes a sound or they call me back to pay for it, then my theory holds but if I am able to successfully walk out of there without them knowing, then I guess all is fair! I need to put my attorney on speed dial just in case...I can't seek advice from him about the matter cause once I tell him what I plan to do, by law he is required to inform the authorities...What happened to lawyers and liars go together, like bread and peanut butter?

I thought of reporting my bar of snickers missing to the police...but those cops never take anything but murder serious...I mean as a tax paying resident of this city, I have the right to report any and every crime to the police....My missing snicker definitely falls under that! Yup you get the picture...
Officer: what color is the missing victim
Me: Brown
Officer: Eye Color
Finally conclusion 3: Okay a few people could argue that it must have fallen out of my pocket (oops I forgot to mention I placed it in my Pj pockets)....Yup...I walked to the store in my Pj's...trust me when I crave something, my mode of dressing is the least of my worries. This conclusion is disturbing...Why? for many reasons...I trust the pocket of my PJ knowing how much I was craving a snicker bar wouldn't be so careless as to allow it drop out of my pocket without informing me...I just trust my pocket!!!

I doubt I've shared this with you guys but I am addictive by nature... I mean I get addicted to anything and everything I like...It's one of the reasons I never drank nor smoked...the fear that I could get addicted was too terrifying for me...seriously ask those that hang out with me...I tend to go to the same restaurant over and over again...I'll drink cranberry(no ice) till the day I die... once I find something I like, it's hard to curb my craving for it....I can eat rice morning, afternoon and night without complaining as long as it comes with soft plantain!...hmmm come to think of it...this could be a problem....hmmmmmmmmmmm....

Anyway I trust y'all are doing well.....just thought I should share what's been going on with me... Man I wonder how unemployed people do it...just sitting around doing nothing...I mean these past few weeks have been torture! I wake up and I keep myself extremely busy doing NOTHING!!!...I have become so restless that I dread the start of a new day...why? cause I'll be doing NOTHING!!!....I guess I should get involved in some type of community program...hmmmm..Neighborhood watch might not be a bad idea....catch folks that steal people's snicker bars........... Yup! decision made! neighborhood watch it is!

I am out!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I was going to publish an entry pertaining to my weekend and how much fun I had but for some strange reason, though majority of it had been written, I kept hesitating...choosing to wait till I return to my base before posting it...well I guess this morning it became evident why I had been experiencing this strange hesitation.

After a weekend of fun, I got news this morning that a childhood friend had passed. It's funny how when people lose a family member or friend, the thought that comes to me is "God giveth, God taketh" as much as that is true today as it always is and as much as I truly believe in everything we go through, God deserves praise, this loss was an uppercut...I sincerely don't know how to feel or react...As I type this I am hoping I'll get a call it's a bad joke but the continuous inflow of text messages, tells me otherwise.

When people talk about the highs and lows of life, we tend to listen with one ear and trash it through the other... three straight days I couldn't have enough fun...today I feel like crawling into a hole and just remaining there until I pass or rapture comes.

I will celebrate his life cause I know he lived it without limits....I thank God He brought him into my life...memories I have of the times we shared still remain fresh...unlike most of the world I can selfishly boast I experienced Rogbadeen. I experienced his contagious smile...his special walk (I still say he walked like a woman)....forever rocking, never stopping...I remember days in front of L'amour.

When things like this happen they quickly act to remind you of what is truly important...

Today I am grateful to God for my friends
I am thankful that though few, He has given me the ability to love each in totality
I thank God for the memories I have shared with each one of them
I thank God that He made me so imperfect, making it easy for them to pick on me and giving me the best punch lines and comebacks to get back at them...thereby creating everlasting memories.
I thank God that He has given me a chance to share in their joys and their pains and given them a chance to share in mine
I thank God for the ability to love and remain loyal
I thank God for the value each has brought to my life
I thank you Lord for my friends

Rogbadeen you'll definitely be missed...through your passing, I'll constantly remember that this life isn't ours...I'll remember how sudden death can come without warning...I'll live appreciating each new day and living it to the fullest...I'll live knowing the value of friends and how blessed I am to share my life with the few. I'll remember you.

Rogbadeen here is lighting a candle for the life you lived. Adieu my friend.

I need some time to let things sink....I'll be back to share my weekend with you guys. One thing I'll leave you with is...think of how fortunate you are...the friends in your lives are God's way of blessing you...regardless of how many or few, regardless of their character and issues, they've contributed greatly to your growth. Appreciate them while they are still around. No one is too young to die.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Wedding galore!!

My peopleeeeeeeeeeeee...sorry i've been quiet these past couple of days...got into Atlanta earlier today...came in for one wedding but from the look of things, I have two weddings to attend. So far it's been fun...hung out with friends....hot gist!!! Will be back on Monday with correct gist... by the way congratulations Biodun...Your man truly has taste...He knows a good babe when he sees one ... Promise to hook up before I leave town....to the rest of you, enjoy your weekend....to code name: sexxxxxxxxy I miss you loads...still haven't heard from you.

Monday, August 06, 2007

10 things

How una deyyyyyyyyy? Hope everyone had a lovely weekend... I must say my weekend was grand! I had the time of my life...This weekend I went out dancing with some friends and I must say whenever you hang with these friends, you can never be too sure what to expect. This outing was no different. I am really glad I went because I got to hear a number of things that sent shocks down my spine, got to experience an east coast-west coast beef, got to see certain people in a new way.

While trying to come up with my entry today, I decided it would be nice to put together 10 things I have learnt over the past 10 days. Before I delve into that, I need to wish a friend a happy birthday. Happy birthday JAM...May this additional year cause God to do something new in your life that would astound man...May His light continue to shine upon you and may you never dim. I pray He gives you the grace to remain the virtuous woman He has made you to be and in a quiet time and a quiet place may God open the eyes of your heart so that you can experience Him first hand. May He shower you with love that knows no bounds and when you call His name may He forever be present to answer. Amen. I miss our friendship but I understand more than ever that in life there comes a time when we have to make decisions and though the world may not understand them, our heart does and that's what matters.

So 10 things I learnt in the past ten days
1. Two wrongs will never make a right. No matter how justified you think you are, vengeance is not yours but the Lord's.
2. Every friend has a motive.
3. Never take for granted idle talk for some speak their hearts at those times.
4. Friendship is really about trust. There comes a time when each friendship is tested...pay great attention cause at such times your friendship is either validated or you get to know people for the snakes they are.
5. Perception equals reality. Though it doesn't necessarily mean the truth, most people make it the truth.
6. Be mindful of people that volunteer gist. Most times they'll gist about the roles others played, conveniently skipping theirs.
7. Capture each moment when they happen cause you might never get a second chance.
8. The fanciest bed doesn't always provide the most comfort.
9. When the bible says the heart of man (women & men) is wicked, it's soooo true
10. Learn to love and love to learn for your ability to accomplish the two, would put you high above many.

Some of these are things I've known for years but in the past three months, they've manifested themselves in various ways more than ever in the past 10 days. I think as a people it's healthy to take stock of our accomplishments, failures or things we've learnt each week...if you enter a new week without learning anything about yourself or others within the past week, I'd be tempted to say you haven't been paying close attention to your life as such you're impeding your own personal growth.