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Monday, April 09, 2007

Lady of nails!

Umofia Kwenu...YAh...Kwenu Yahhhh...Kezuenuuuuuuuuuuuu...Iyaaaa ....(my igbo brethren forgive me ooo). Anyway hope y'all are doing well.... for those of you that were laughing at my attempt to build muscle (or chop iron)... I am happy to announce that I am no longer sore... I have moved on to a heavier weight category... Anyway lets just say by summer, after I must have shaved the forest off my chest, moved from two pack to six pack, I'll post a pic... I mean I have become sooo vain, I walk up to my MIRRORS in the morning before and after taking a shower to see how much I have improved ...yeah yeah yeah....Okay away from the vain aspect of it all, I must say I feel really good...of late I've been sleeping better (moved from 2 hours to 6 hours) and its been a thrill. One babe in my school goes around grabbing guys by their arms...previously I would object but of late... I have encouraged it but the yeye girl hasn't commented on how firm its become...one of this days I will spark for her.

Anyway I logged on here to gist you guys on a babe I call "lady of nails". Let me start by saying ...we (guys) go around thinking we own the game but I must confess this babe has shown that women invented the game. Anyway the story goes thus:
I went to Atlanta to take a break sometime last year...as it's my custom, each time I go into a city, since it's normally impossible to visit all my friends, I arrange a dinner where I invite a handful of them... That way I get to see everyone and hear assorted gist...So anyway on this trip "lady of nails" (lets call her slash) came along with a friend. This babe was hot... I mean she had the right physical dimensions...BUTTTTTTTT...her cleaves were hanging out...I have nothing against women dressing sexy and flaunting their asset...the problem with me is...with some babes mentally I am not moved while with some others lustful thoughts set in....anyway once I meet a babe and I have these lustful thoughts towards her, I avoid the babe...Why? the bible says "flee from all forms of temptation"..."if your right eye causes you to sin, pluck it off"...lol... you catch my drift. Anyway since I couldn't have her, I decided to hook her up with my buddy... anyway after hooking them up, my boy felt she wasn't what he was looking for...my boy loves his babes lightttt...but I truly thought her beauty would change that...anyway a few months later I had to minister at a wedding and lo' and behold Slash was there...she looked gorgeous.... everyone I spoke with had great things to say about her (Lesson learnt: never judge a book by its cover). Anyway I walked up to her and we spoke for a bit...before I knew what was going on, guys were asking who the babe was...Anyway I left the wedding promising to call her...I called and we spoke and she flatly told me she wasn't interested.... she had just started seeing someone... fast forward a couple of months later, I was talking to my buddy (the dude I tried hooking her up with) and dude told me ol'girl had broken up with the dude...I thought it was the perfect time to show up again...I gave her a call and she was excited...We spoke frequently until one day my buddy told me to quit initiating and taking her calls....I asked dude why and he told me the babe felt we'd make better friends than anything else...meanwhile each time I spoke with this babe she would always be on some silly tangent about "US"...anyway for sometime I stopped hearing from the babe and all of a sudden the babe resurfaced again... my last visit to Atlanta she wanted to have lunch... I left Atlanta, returned to Chicago, the babe was off again...then all of a sudden she was asking when next I'll be in Atlanta.... so I decided to share this with my boy....As I was laughing at the babe (her mum has been putting a lot of pressure on her to get married)...my boy gently told me the joke was on me... Apparently betwen the time I met the babe and now she's seen about four guys and each time one doesn't work out, she'd call me. Why is she treating me this way? well my boy says the babe is pissed that I had the audacity to pass her on to my friend and all of a sudden I make a comeback and expect her to jump into my hands...that my actions show that I am not certain, serious, no clear on what it is I am looking for....

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

In Pursuit of fitness!!

Knock! knock! kick-in the door..phew! yeah ok I'm back! Guys sorry for the long absence.alot has been going on around me....this happens to be my final quarter in school and I must confess I am getting rather emotional as each day passes by...ahhh you didn't see me as the sensitive kind? ahhhhh....hmmm...oh well now you know!

So I have been sore all week because of my big mouth. Last week a couple of my friends (ex-football players), decided to go work out together. Traditionally, I'd normally be quiet when they start to talk about the gym but I think my ego was hurt that I wasn't directly invited or made an active participant in the deliberations. So guess what I decided to do? yupppppppppp I decided to challenge this two big guys...what was the challenge? well I said I'll go to the gym with them, carry out the same repetitions (albeit lesser weight) and I'll last the three hours they plan to spend there. Anyway its important I say this at this point, I am a runner not a lifter...whenever I go to the gym, I never lift weights...I just run. Anyway we get to the gym and these wicked souls decide we should play a game of basketball first prior to hitting the weights..I don't play basketball but since I was determined to get some "gym respect" from these guys, I joined in the game...my people when you see basketball players on TV getting paid big bucks don't complain ooo it is not easy at alllllll....man my shots were just that SHOTS! I'd aim at the basket and before you know it the ball will swerve extreme left hitting one of the guys...man after a while I noticed guys backing off in all directions each time I had to shoot.

We hit the weight room and I was determined to show them the naija agidi in me.... I mean first repetition these guys were carrying some heavy weights man... at some point with the way one of them was breathing as he was lifting, I was sure the dude would fart but low and behold that didn't come to pass....anyway it got to my turn and these guys reduced the weight to just one of the big ones....my people remember when the former Super Eagles coach Onigbinde said "we just fumbled and stumbled out of the world cup"? cool.... man see as I fumbled and stumbled ooo .. they had to reduce the weight to some tiny ones....man you should have seen the way they cracked up at me....anyway bottom line I survived the three hours, carried out every repetition they did and even did Russian sit-ups which they couldn't do....apparently when you are big and you have a huge pot belly, Russian sit-ups aren't the type of exercises you'd want to be seen doing... Anyway I woke up the next day unable to raise my hands... even the baff wey I baff go class get as e be...to laugh na anoda level my stomach hurts.... to bend for where.... to lie down na task... I must confess though I feel rather good I went though its been tough handling my soreness.

Anyway gotta run now...will be back to post gist on my Isho (nail) chick...summary this babe nailed me some time back and now she wants another chance... Man its like a naija movie...will be back to deliver the gist.