Where do I start

Friday, November 23, 2007

Away in a manger!

Before you start...I know I have been gone for a minute but my people don't blame me oo I've been busy with life.

So yesterday was thanksgiving and I trust y'all had a fabulous time...but abeg what is with folks wishing people a "Happy Thanksgiving"...as in are they saying enjoy the day or what???...lol... what do you mean by have a happy thanksgiving?

Anyway I've been good...quietly aging but no complaints. Just got back from Houston on Sunday..man that city is burriful...the women there are burriful....there's a spot a friend took me to called sky bar and it was burriful....I'll be heading back there in a few weeks. Kai! the naija babes there are also burriful ooooo....

So yesterday, I decided to spend thanksgiving alone at home... I wanted it to be a day I reflect on the wonderful things God has done in my life. So with a bowl of beans and a plate of bread, I sat back and communicated with God...it's funny how we take for granted the little mercies of life. As I was reflecting, I realized I haven't given God enough praise this year...Don't get me wrong ooo everyday I rise and sleep with praise but for some strange reason, I feel there's alot more I could have done or could be doing. It's amazing how time flies... in a month and a few days we'll be ushering in a new year...chei! What have I accomplished this year...hmmm let me see
1. a pot belly
2. Baldness
3. pot belly
4. bigger thighs
5. two strands of grey hair
6. pot belly
7. did I mention a pot belly?
8. ???

So yesterday after thanking God for all He has done for me, I got an anonymous call. Since the phone showed NO CALLER ID, I assumed it was an international call. Normally, I allow such calls go to my voicemail, after which I listen to them prior to returning the calls. Anyway this time I chose to answer...It was actually a lady calling...She refused to identify herself, kept asking me personal questions regarding my status and why I am still single...I must confess as uncomfortable as that experience was, I needed to have someone ask me those questions... When was the last time you were out with a babe you like? Are you currently talking to anyone? Why? When was the last time you actually chased a babe? Are you open to being hooked up? why not? Are you gay? lol...man that question AGAINNNNNNNNNN!!! Oh well after playing her game for close to an hour, the babe went off the phone promising to call back in a few minutes...the scary thing is, this babe knew so much about me and I had no clue who she was..

Anyway how was your thanksgiving?