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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Be careful what you ask for!!!

My intention was to put up the post about the storm (read my last post) but I haven't had the time to actually put it together the way I'd really like to present it and besides quite a lot has happened between then and now. So look out for that post probably over the weekend or early part of next week.

This past weekend was an experience for me on so many levels. Early last week, myself and MISS decided to go on a road trip...the initial idea was to rent a car and just drive till we got tired, find a place to rest and then drive back the next day... For those of you that know me well, I am not the most spontaneous dude out there but as you can see, MISS is having a great impact on me...we just think up crazy things and actually do them...I have been forced to try out new things e.g. food (I don't play with my tummy but it's been really interesting)... As I type, I am recovering from a meal I had last night that didn't go down well with my tummy...Let's just say my restroom has been blessed by my presence more times than I'd like to count ..lol...ewww!!!

So back to the road trip...So the idea was for us to get to know more about ourselves on the trip ... get to ask questions and have those questions answered... Now prior to driving out of town, we had an issue we needed to resolve... for some strange reason, I knew there was something amiss and I was determined to use this trip to get to the bottom of it...So with a little persuasion, she finally opened up to me..."There is someone else in the picture"... At this point we were out of town already...turning back was out of the question...I was getting what I asked for! I guess my concern was could I handle the news? Anyway I decided there was no turning back...this trip was going to end in one of two ways...We sit in silence throughout the trip and when we return we go our separate ways or we talk about things, regardless of what we say or hear, have a blast on this trip. So as she continued to open up, I found out I was in the middle of a hot competition, I had no clue I had been enrolled in...this other dude seems determined to win her heart.

The last time I competed for a woman's heart was about 9 years ago (my ex)...I remember when I met her, there was some dude on her case already and dude was making some serious headway. I remember the crazy things I did in order to get her to give me a chance...but that was back then...I was much younger, crazier and looking for my next play. I was willing to do anything and everything to win...ahhh you'd hear me on the phone speaking to lyrical veterans, getting correct raps to use...I fell in love with poetry back then cause of the amount of time I spent trying to come up with creative ways to win her heart...We'd go dancing and I'd pull out all my dance moves, from James Brown to Bobby Brown and even moves that hadn't been created... You'd think I was heading into a boxing match with the way I'd prepare each time I had to see her...remember that scene in the Rocky movies when he starts to train for the big fights? Yeahhhh that was me....sit ups, stretches, the works!! lol... Now you expect me at this age to return to that point? fa fa fa fowlllllllllllllllllllllllll!!lol... It's at this point I realized I had become lazy when it comes to the matter of the heart... My ex would swear I was romantic but I think after we broke up, I threw romance away... I guess at that time I felt if romance couldn't keep us together, it's effect or need in a relationship or getting into one was largely over-hyped... At that point, I decided that a lady either liked me or she didn't and I wasn't going to relive my youth in order to win her heart...Let's just say this partly explains why I haven't had a successful relationship ever since I broke up with my ex...I haven't given my all in my pursuit.

So how did I react when she told me there was someone else? I must say I was taken aback... Clearly I'd be stupid to think such a fine babe wouldn't have toasters but it wasn't something I had given a second thought to...my first instinct I must admit was to run away, give in and just walk away (I justified this by remembering something I've heard many times..."what's yours will never miss you") but then it quickly dawned on me that anything that is worth having, is worth fighting for and that I could actually lose what is intended for me if I take it for granted. So without further ado, gym shoes on, the Rocky theme song playing, an imaginary pet dog named Bubba, I got back into the game.

So our drive took us to a beautiful city (I can't mention the city...I'd hate for her to find my blog..at least not now...lol). We toured the city, took photographs, talked more... ate a lot and discovered a lot... She tells me the trip was a 9 on a scale of 10 and I must admit the feeling was mutual. I rediscovered my MOJO...romantic ideas kept spewing non-stop...sad thing is the babe isn't the romantic kind as such some of my moves went unnoticed...lol...

One of the things I discovered on this trip was a cafe ( I can't share the name just yet for obvious reasons...lol)...they have the best Chicken Salad sandwich ever!!! But that wasn't my main discovery...what really got me about this cafe is the way they shared their belief through the atmosphere and their menu... The owner is a Christian and not ashamed to show it... I plan to make another trip out there...Hopefully get to speak with the owner about franchising her business ( Yeah yeah yeah... I am all about business)...Starbucks be very afraidddddddddd...be very very afraidddddddddddd!!!

Our drive back was pretty uneventful except for the fact that for the very first time in a long while, I knew I gave it my best...I knew I went out of my way to unselfishly ensure she had a blast...for the first time in a long while, I rediscovered my romantic side and whether she decides to be with me or be with the other guy, this side of me is going no where!!! You know many a times we are told that people come into our lives for either a reason or a season...For now I can confirm she was definitely sent for a reason...to restore my love for romance and everything romantic...As for the season, we'll have to wait and see.

I'll be heading out of town towards the tail-end of this week (Alone this time...business not pleasure...lol). To another state I've never been to...I am really excited about this trip...why? Check out my next post to get an answer.

Until then, I'll leave you with this

Romance isn't all about diamonds or the expensive things money can buy (those are also good)... it's actually about going out of your way to think up and put into play little things that people hardly pay attention to... it's taking yourself out of the equation and only concerning yourself with what your partner desires..what will ultimately make them happy...it's bringing a smile to her face...it's causing her to blush...it's giving her a new spring in her step...it's making her feel and know that at that moment, nothing and no one else in the world matters...it's causing her to laugh and at the same time wish no end to the moment...trust me when you are able to accomplish this, you the giver/doer will gain the greatest satisfaction ever...

Sunday, January 20, 2008


I trust folks are waiting for gist about the "MISS". Let's just say we have so much in common but our little differences are HUGE!!! But like I said in my previous post, I have no plans of running away...we are going to take it one day at a time, I truly hope as time goes on and we develop trust, things will fall into place (though I must give her credit, she's been making an effort).

So went out with the "MISS" to grab a bite prior to my trip out of town. I've never seen a woman abused in public but right there in the restaurant, some dude decided to hit his woman...I don't mean a slap..I mean dude had his fist all over her face...I must say for a few seconds I was in shock...Anyway by the time we reacted or understood what we had just witnessed, the punk ran... Now this punk is no kid ooo..this was a grown man...Jerk! Anyway I trust the cops will catch up with him...cause I heard them mobilizing to give chase.

Anyway I decided to head out of town to get a break from my break (lol...break from a break)... So this past weekend I was in Baltimore and I must say I had a blast...got to see some old faces, make new friends and actually have a question that had been stirring within me answered. I must say folks in Baltimore are serious ooooo...lol....what do I mean? It was amazing the number of people I met (young guys and girls), all married with kids...I think back to a couple of years ago when Baltimore was my regular stomp-yard and I remember conversations I had with some of these guys when they were still single or just dating..."Ah ol'boy Ma wetin? naa dude no be so marriage dey catch persin"..lol...to see them now married or engaged, I must say is a funny sight...it goes to show that we men are nothing but noise-makers!!!
So on Sunday, I decided to creep into one of my favorite churches...I love the praise and worship team in this church and my love for their pastor is something else...there are those that speak anointing and then there are those that are anointed...I tell you he is anointed!!! Anyway, as I walked into the sanctuary, looking for my special spot (I have a special place I love to sit when I visit certain churches), guess who I spotted? BIJOUX/CHERUB...lol...I think I shocked the babe when I walked up to her...lol...It was nice finally meeting you BIJOUX/CHERUB.
The Pastor preached a message that I particularly think was intended for me...naaa...you know what? I KNOW it was intended for me...he titled it "Watch out for the storm"...the main bible passage was Mark 4: 35-38. Now this wasn't the first time hearing a message preached from this passage...I have actually written something and shared this passage with someone but the way he preached it was different...I'll put up a few points in my next post but for those eager ones that can't wait, I'll give you a teaser... Mark 4: 35- 38
On the same day, when evening had come, He said to them, “Let us cross over to the other side.” 36 Now when they had left the multitude, they took Him along in the boat as He was. And other little boats were also with Him. 37 And a great windstorm arose, and the waves beat into the boat, so that it was already filling. 38 But He was in the stern, asleep on a pillow. And they awoke Him and said to Him, “Teacher, do You not care that we are perishing?”

I'll touch on verse 35 and 36 for now and I'll continue with the rest in my next post. A few posts ago, I was thankful to God for the friends I had in my life...I am still thankful to God for them because through them, He has shown me a lot...He has shown me the limitations of man...He has shown me the evil and greed of men... When God wants to take you to another level (Cross over), he separates you from the crowd (multitude)...You know those fake friends that show up only when its convenient...those fake friends that are only around for what they can get...those phony friends that claim to care but behind your back they sit in the counsel of the wicked and laugh at your situation..ahhhh yes! those friends...the ones that see your storm and forgetting that they were once in a similar situation, run away from you like you were an enigma...the ones without a fight or an incident just stop calling or caring...I tell you rejoice and be glad for God has something amazing in store for you! Throughout the bible, each time God wanted to do something great in the lives of the people of Israel, He separated His chosen ones...you don't believe? read the story of Gideon, David, Paul and Joshua. In the case of Gideon, when he encountered God, he was alone, beating wheat by the wine press, while hiding from the enemy (Judges 6)...God used him to return the children of Israel from a period of disobedience to one of fellowship with God. Is it David? Remember when Samuel came searching for the new king to take over from Saul, David was tending his fathers flock...ALONE...away from his brothers (the multitude).
I truly don't know what it is you are going through...I don't know what it is you are believing God for...I don't know how many so-called friends have abandoned you...I don't know how many laugh at you...but my brothers and sisters...keep your eyes on the prize! focus on God for in due time He will show up! As David said (Psalm 37: 25,28) "I have been young, and now am old; yet I have not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his descendants begging bread. For the LORD loves justice, and he forsakes not his righteous ones; He keeps them forever; but the seed of the wicked, He destroys"

I will expand on this message further in my next post and I will also have a testimony to share...yipeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Saturday, January 05, 2008

New Year? Sweet!!!

Sitting here and watching my friend's son crawling, laughing and playing while at the same time trying to pronounce my name has led me to one conclusion...I need to take the matter of settling down seriously in 2008.

Happy new year!!! Hope like mine, your year has started off great! I can proudly say even though it's relatively early in the year, I've started meeting certain goals I've set for myself already. Towards the tail end of last year, I noticed I was gaining a lot of weight...my already tight-fitting pants were beginning to give way...oh well stood in front of the mirror a couple of days ago and I noticed a steady progression from my "one-pack" status to "three-pack"and I think I've lost at least 10 lbs ... folks watching me dance in church today would have thought I had just received some huge contract but naa this year I plan to celebrate every single victory regardless of how trivial they may be.

Anyway, back to my opening lines...It's true when I hear people say when a man is ready to settle down, he is READY!!! I've never been one to adore new born babies, talk-less of carrying them but for some strange reason of late, I've found it exciting being around kids...my cousin is about to drop her baby and with the way I've been on them about what day they expect to drop the baby, one would think I was the father...lol...
So let me catch you up on some berra gist...yes ooo you berra recognize (yeah yeah yeah call me razz...that's what is in vogue now...be all that you can be razzoooo)
The last Sunday of 2007, I walked into church and I left church excited and expectant in 2008... I just have this tingly feeling this year is going to be awesome for me...Why you ask?
So while the service was going on I just had this strange feeling someone was staring at me...as such I decided to look towards the area I felt the stare was coming from and behold there she was...beauty that exceeds description...our eyes locked and it finally made sense to me what the Pastors mean when they say "shine" your eyes when you are in church... After service, as she walked past me, I couldn't help but stare... I mean she was the perfect weight, great shape and just the right height...After interacting with some folks in church, I made my way home filled with excitement...something kept telling me that wouldn't be the last time I'd see her... The strange thing is even though I don't know her, it felt like we had met before. Oh well on getting home, I noticed I missed a couple of calls on my cell...one was from a friend in church (Dude hasn't called me in over a year)...Shocked that he called, I decided to return the call prior to checking my voicemail... Summary of the call was his wife had asked him to find out if I noticed the babe in church and gauge my interest level.
Anyway yesterday I met up with the babe and I must say this year is bound to be a great year... As usual after meeting up with her, I decided to call one of my main boys...as he questioned me about the babe, I noticed I kept searching for a reason not to like the babe...Finally it hit me... It's true what my Pastor said... I might be commitmentphobic!
I refuse to enter this year with that same issue...so here is throwing all caution to the wind... I am finally going to give this a try and really work on it...oh well! to hell with the three day rule... I am calling her NOWWWWWW!!!

Here is to all those looking for love in 2008.. I pray it finds you..if you are blind to see it, I pray it slaps you...if you're unable to feel, I pray it haunts you in your dream until you realize he/she has been made specially for you...
Even after speaking to her and I find we aren't meant to be, at least I can happily say in 2008, I tried which is more than I've done in previous years.

So I am out!!!