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Saturday, January 29, 2005

Join me in prayers

Would like to ask you all to join me in praying for this BBC journalist who has brain tumour. He started a blog (2 years running) and his blog has been a source of inspiration to many. Visit the link below and you will be touched.. Thanks

Tumour Diary

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Let's Talk.....

Ok today i am going to do something different. Today two sides of Miguel want to talk at the same time. One side is happy, the other feels like venting while ....(Hey...what can i say... i know i have multiple personality issues...at least i am not in denial)...
The doctors say i am suffering from MPAWS [acronym, pronounced '-em'pause', not to be confused with menopause]: stands for MBA Post-Application Waiting Syndrome. Term used to designate the idiosyncratic behaviors of MBA applicants during the admissions decision period (ADP).
Miguel also wants to talk (here we go AGAIN!!!)

Happy Miguel
Checked my email this morning and noticed an email from McCombs Business School in Texas. Well i opened the email and yipeeeeeeee i have been invited for an interview at McCombs. Ok peeps only a select few get invited so join me in waving your boxers (gents) ...thongs (ladies) in the air, wave them like you just dont care...then screaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmmm.
And my career advisor said i wont make a good cheerleader.... guess she got laid off for giving peeps wrong advice.

Venting Miguel
I hate excuses! i am one person that feels people should take responsibility for their actions or lack of actions. Can't stand people that are supposed to be role models doing the silliest of things and then they open their mouth to say "oh i apologise" and expect to keep their jobs (Bush, Rice, Mba, Ngige....take note). There are somethings that are understandable, while others are blatant. Ok Ok Ok this really has nothing to do with politics at least not yet... i'll probably touch on the morons that we have as political leaders... Greedy murderers... illiterates ( have you all noticed any similiarities between Bush and Obasanjo? ahhhh let me drop three... Both are dullards, both had questionable election victories and finally both are born again christians)... nope i am not a basher for your information i believe God elects a leader not man and therefore i can only believe there is a reason why God has permitted these men to lead their individual countries.
Anyway, that isnt the cause of my venting ( but hey if you are going to vent you might as well vent about everything ventable (its a legit word...check MicWebster Dictionary).
The cause of my vexation would become clearer when you click on the link below. Listen to the whole conversation and the song after it... when you are done come back for my analysis or rather more venting.

ok welcome back.... how ignorant could those morons be? how wicked(Wickid ..as my Ghanaian teacher would say) and cold hearted, how muguish ( yeah Mugu + ish... Oduduwa dictionary... under Mugu)... to say i am pissed is an Understatement.... over 170,000 people died as a result of the tsunami incident and you think as a radio show its appropriate to make fun of an incident of such magnitude. Sad ..really sad.... and you have the audacity to apologise now that your job is on the line.... Abeg! fire them and have the Mai-guard throw them out (ooops...i forgot we arent in Nigeria)...ok give them the pink slip and have security escort them off the premises (how mild, nice and proper that sounds..compared to the nigerian version).
They are the same people that take offense when they are called ignorant...Why wouldnt you be called ignorant when you take something so serious and make a fool out of yourselves with it...
How can i blame my teenage niece if i hear her singing the song...i cant cause she feels for these people to be on radio or television, they must be doing something right..
You see this is where i have a problem with the US and their talk of freedom... people do and say the craziest thing and justify it under the "rock" of freedom.
How would they like it if i showed up at their mothers/fathers or even a close relatives funeral and started singing
"i am glad you are dead,
glad you are dead,
i pray you go to hell and burn
glad you are dead"

or i broke out into a rap
" Die knuckle head die
i'm glad you choked on that Kentucky Fried Chicken bone
Now run along cause hell is going to be your home"

Phew! man venting sure is good... i started off with a full stomach now i am hungry again... a friend keeps telling me i need to eat more...so i guess the more i vent, the hungrier i get the more weight i gain...man i am a genius....

Miguel wants to say a word

hey amigos..... i've got great news to share with you all... hopefully this would lift the gloom ( i told y'all that Miguel is a psycho...y'all thought i was joking).... Oh well i just got back from my wednesday gig at the Gentleman's club.... met a Nigerian lady ..she said shes from Nollywood ( apparently thats Nigeria's Hollywood or lets say No.9 Iweka road, Onitsha....lol)... Anyway while giving this woman a lap dance ( Note to Miguel: need to tape a note on my left bum cheek "please tap lightly...very fragile")..she asked if i'd be interested in an acting career... WOAHHHH...finally my dream has come through.... i told her yes.... the amazing thing is, we start production at 10am on monday and the movie will be ready as early as 6pm that same monday ...the vendors should have it the next day on their shelves.... we havent decided on the title yet... the producer wants to call it "the king and amadioha", the lead actress wants to call it " whitney Bobby ( hmm i worry about this lead actress...she calls a sleeping gown a ball gown).. but i think we should call it "Naija terminator 1"...this way they'll be forced to make part two...(hey hey hey dont blame me this stripping thing isnt paying the bills)... Anyway i'll let y'all know what we decide... by the way Red leather or black leather?

Saturday, January 22, 2005

It is I Miguel......

Ok i bet that silly Miguel failed to introduce me to y'all properly ..oh well i'll do the honours myself... My name is Spicy Miguel, Miguel's alter ego .... a stud, hunk, smashing bloke, buffed chap, blah blah blah... i dance for a living or then again for those that love big words, i am a chippendale....

ok now that we've gotten that out of the way, i experienced some disturbing things this week. Miguel (Ori ..yeah thats his nickname..ha hah ha ) decided to take me on a trip to New Hampshire...thought the miser had changed from his frugal ways and was taking me for a long deserved holiday (trust me when you have to dance for pension-aged folks, they make you work for every dime they stone you with). Oh well we got to the atlanta airport, all excited and ready for the two hour trip... hmm i should have sensed something out of line while waiting to board the flight....no single black person in sight ...yup even the cleaner was white... but naaaa just wanted to leave atlanta... ok we board the flight and as i am walking through the first class to locate my seat, i notice this look on some faces "has he lost his mind? or maybe he is on the wrong flight...silly illiterate we need to make this tickets in three languages ..english, spanish and ebonics for his likes".... oh well i found my seat and immediately went to sleep (trust me its better to die sleeping...less painful)... well the plane finally lands in New Hampshire..snow everywhere...reminded me of London... unlike the atlanta airport where once u land and u step off the plane u are confronted (ok welcomed) by black folks, none of that in New Hampshire...not a single black person in sight... even the cab driver was white...ok i landed in Manchester, New Hampshire but my final destinantion was Hanover, New Hampshire..about an hour or so drive from manchester.... anyway i finally get to my hotel and the white cabbie gladly informs me my fare is $140 ...yikesssss!!!!.... oh well i offered to strip and give him an Hour worth of dance and $40 cash ...the chap was having none of that and it was obvious the way he looked.... Now trust that punk Miguel to chicken out and pay the man....oh well at least he is consistent... we walk into the hotel and the chap behind the desk (Frank...yup you guessed white) gave me my room card and checked me in... anyway as i walked to my room, i kept seeing more white folks...strange looks like as if i lost my way ( trust me i kept arguing with Miguel...."i think we've got the wrong hotel" but that stubborn nutter insisted we were in the right place). Anyway i decided to take a tour of the city (check out the strip joints or potential strip joints were i can host my gig)...sad to say ..no potential site...the cabbie decided to pick up some more folks on our way (yup you guessed again..more white folks...you are really getting good at this i must commend you )... now i finally sighted what i thought was a black man but on close observation i noticed he was 3/4 caste...

Anyway the next morning, i now realised why this punk brought me all the way here... he had an interview lined up for Tuck B-school. How about we get to the school 45 minutes before time (mind you his interview was for 8am)..ok the doors were open but no one in sight.... i warned Miguell not to walk in but noooooo mr. this is a free country... walked in and scared (you guessed...another white lady) now i suspect this white lady contacted others (Negro On site!!) cause as they kept coming in one after the other they had this " interesting specie" look on their faces. I offered to give them a free lap dance but i guess people dont believe in free lunches here..( Miguel does...that guy has a knack for showing up at peoples homes just when they are about to eat).
Anyway i finally met the first black person on campus ( i suspect she had just gained her freedom) she seemed overly joyful to see me ( "I must make it categorically clear..i have never seen this woman in my life"(remember Clinton and Monica...lol..that guy is a pimp))...we attended one of her class and i noticed three other black people all sitting together, near the doorway ..hmmm quick escape...smart folks!.. anyway after the class i finally had my interview...Yup another white chap.... at this point, i told Miguel there was no use interviewing...told him we stood a better chance of entertaining the ladies there and getting the hell out of the school...but nooooo Miguel cranked up his british accent ( trust me that accent is like light switch... even people that hear it ask if he is from the carribean...lol.. when he goes no i am english ...we all cant help but laugh...pidgin english more like it) anyway before i digress ( i do that a whole lot....dont blame me ...i just have so much to say...its hard to stay structured or defined).. lets just say the interview was suppose to last 30 minutes.... it lasted 5 minutes...oh my what a pain!...just one round of my lap dance lasts 10 minutes...go figure!
oh well after the humiliation this punk ( Miguel) had put me through, he decided on getting back to the hotel, to puff up his bed with pillows, i couldnt understand the logic behind it but the sissy said "just in case they come after us, they'll shoot an empty bed and we'll be safe under the bed" ...me of all people ... Atl's Hottest act on the block.... oh well lets just say i obeyed and under the bed we went... Next morning (phew glad to be alive) we checked out and headed for the airport...Now if you think the drama was over, hmmm you havent Jammed (naija).... how about we get to this "blackless" airport and Fox News is on the TV ..Mind you every one is watching this screen...i mean EVERYONE..even the airport cops... ok some lunatic Johnny Lee out in Texas kidnapped a walmart clerk, coming off her shift...at this point the name Johnny Lee to me can only be associated to a white person...so i told Miguel...this crazy white folks..i bet its the girls ex-boyfriend who kidnapped her.... oh well a few minutes later the news reporter goes "Johnny Lee, an African American ex-marine" oh my goodness ..how i prayed the ground would swallow me right there and then...cos almost immediately all eyes turned on me.... ladies and gentlemen... i thank God for his mercies cos in some countries (yup naija included), these people would have gathered together and snuffed the life out of me and i bet the cop would have shown them a way to do it where no evidence would be found...

My flight back was better cos one of the hostesses was a black (??) lady... (hmm come to think of it she might have been wearing a mask...maybe one of their Affirmative Air Action..remember charlies angels when Drew Barrymore was diguised as an African Chief)
I must add this...if you think Nigerians can gossip...just try the two white ladies that sat infront of me on the plane.... my Goodness.... two hours straight these ladies kept gossiping....it got so bad that the man sitting next to them had to request they move him to another seat... what were they gossiping about you might ask..... naaaa i wont be sharing that.... yeaaa i think i should.... naaaa dont think i can....hmmm oh well ....NOTHING!

i finally got to show off my skills on the plane..yup u guessed its one of those planes without on-board entertainment.... the lady sitting next to me ( probably in her 70's/80s) kept asking for more lap dance and i obliged.... ok woman pay me... the lady started stuttering.... i dont have change....WHAT! change for what? danced 60 minutes straight and you are looking for change? ok give me the $100 dollar note and i'll change it for you.... "Who said i had $100 ... i am looking for change for a buck ($1)).... oh my! the humiliation! ....my pride... sob! sob!!!

Anyway i finally made it back to Atlanta...and as we alighted the plane, we were welcomed by a swarm of black faces ..>GLORY BE TO GOD......

i must say the next time that punk offers to take me on a trip, i'll be picking the destination and activities.

Disclaimer : I am not racist... i have white sheets and pillows.....

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Lets start from the beginning....

hello all,

Let me start by introducing myself.....
my name is Miguel, i currently live somewhere within the 50 states of America. I am currently pursuing an MBA finance concentration, though i already have one in management.

Everyone has an alter ego and mine is called Spicy Miguel ( always had a thing for the latin chickitas....meowwww) he is a chippendale... (willing to do private shows and bridal showers) ... its mandatory you have a pole...

Spicy Miguel is a hot stud, 6'4 , well defined shape, lady magnet, love doctor.

Well from time to time either myself or my alter ego will entertain y'all and keep you informed on the going-ons in our lives.

welcome ! its Miguel here.... for the next few months (i pray), i will take you on my current journey to B-school. The application process is over (sorry y'all missed out), ok ok ok i will be kind enough to fill you all in as per the process, what i experienced ...the recommendations, revelations, disappointments, appointments and drama ( trust me ..if we capture my life and sell it to a film maker, i can guarantee a blockbuster).

A friend advised me to start a blog while waiting to hear back from the schools i applied to... so here goes.... hope you all find this site enjoyable..if not (be quiet! keep it to yourself)...hah hah hah....

Let me bring you up to par....

i took my GMAT in december, my score was a bit disappointing but what do you expect when i spent the greater part of my study time depressed, discovering new routes home and handling death threats ( i will explain in another blog). oh well my score was still good enough to apply to some top schools... so i took the chance and applied to seven schools...YES seven schools... i am determined to make it into one. I must say i love the seven schools i applied to theres something unique about each one of them.

Ok my application process started off with a whole lot of excitement, myself and my new closest pal (code name:Rebel) ...i must tell you all i dont care what anyone says, she is the epitome of a true friend....genuinely concerned, always willing to help even when it places her in odd positions.... Her S.O is lucky to have her (Nana.... you are a lucky man)...i can hear a couple laughing as they read this....

Its great when you place so little value on yourself and someone comes in and feels you are worth a whole lot more... Thanks Rebel for everything, the late nights, the help, the advice, being a shoulder, never tired, always listening...i've got your back whenever!!! sob ! sob!!

My journey has been an interesting one.... like i said previously, i applied to seven schools, Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Kellogg, Cornell, Tuck and McCombs (they are in no particular order). Harvard required three recommendations, while the rest required two. Ok gathering my recommenders wasn't hard though i must say the third mandatory recommender as per Harvard, led to a revelation ( yeahhhh i seee the lightttttt.....)

I chose my pastor as my third recommender for Harvard, since for the past two years or more, i have occupied a leadership position in the church choir.. yeah i sing in the choir..... (yeah i see some jaws dropping...hey hey hey pick it up....trust me the Lord can touch anyone and everyone)... oh well back to my pastor encounter....

i called up my pastor and requested he act as one of my recommenders, he asked me about my score, which i revealed to him .... told him how urgent and important this recommendation was and he said he will take care of it. Just to ensure that he knew what he had to do, i offered to go over to his home and give him some useful examples ( hey for so long as i dont write it, nor take over the process, its ethical!).... anyway he sits me down and pulls up a long list of evaluative questions which i guess Harvard needed him to answer. Now let me inform you all...Harvard recruits people that they believe have the potential or can display leadership potentials and initiative.
Lets just say by the time he was half way into the recommendation, i wasnt too sure i wanted him to act as one of my recommenders... as a result we had a man to man discussion on certain characteristics of mine.. lets just say the night ended early and he asked me to leave his house...why you might ask... well myself and my pastor view life differently... he insists on moulding me to be a "model christian" but i guess my stubborn side has a different understanding of what that means......( hey hey hey don't blame me ...blame it on my years in government school...walahi talahi those seniors left a scar)....
oh well to keep this short, i noticed on my online application that my pastor had submitted his recommendation... now i am worried...ok worried is an understatement... i am disturbed to a point close to insanity cause Harvard happens to be my first choice.

Now not only am i unsure about the recommendation pastor gave to Harvard, he has also suspended me from the choir and all departments in church ...( before you think he is too harsh, i must say its partly ..hmmm...let me correct that ...its mainly my fault)...

The thing about growing up as a catholic is you always feel the need to confess.."Forgive me Father for i have sinned ... this is my 10th confession since i was baptized( funny thing i remember is those days i sinned so much that i went for confession almost twice a week and i had been baptized for years and had been to more than 10 confessions but i couldnt keep count so i picked 10 as my lucky number and used it always)...anyway before i digress, let me get back on track... yeah so one of those guilty moments, i went over to Pastor to confess some of my sins.... now i expected shock but not the lengthy suspension....now i feel like the texan man that confessed to his wife all his atrocities and lost his manhood for coming clean...where is justice when you need it... at times its best to confess to God and allow him deal with you. Ok i no longer sing in church and part of the stipulations in regards to my suspension is 1. i have to be in church for all meetings 2. i cant work in church 3. i cant change churches 4. i have to meet with Pastor frequently
In retrospect i must say God loves me dearly cause how many people can boast of such a relationship (no matter how painful the punishment is)? but then again, how do you handle the constant questions and gossip circulating.... anyway at least i am finally free ...i can walk around and not feel guilty or feel dirty... The bible says a righteous man falleth seven times but gets back up" (ok bible scholars before u sentence me to purgatory, i am paraphrasing)....

WOW look at the time...alright kids its bed time for me.... sorry if this first blog is confusing... but as my story unwinds, things will become clearer and besides public writing was never my thing..so please bear with me as i use this not only to entertain but also hone my writing abilities.

Original Punk...ur blog site is an inspiration.... the drama you face each day continually cracks me up... thanks for the inspiration.

To all the ladies that say i dont open up ...i never let them in.... its tough to love me..... blah blah blah ...hope this site will help you understand why its been tough to let anyone come inside or even close to me.

Let me say this....revelations on this site might hurt some people but my intentions are noble... i am only seeking a way to discover more about my person and also create an avenue where people can get to know me better..... Selfish you might say but as you visit and read the things i post here, it will become apparent...its all love!