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Thursday, July 27, 2006

How to keep a man.....

So while responding to Mphahlele's comment, my gist bulb lit and me being the nice chap that i am i decided hey i'll do this for the ladies...I hear some of the ladies going "oh please! what do you know about how to keep a man?! (fingers snapping, neck twisting & eyes rolling)...i realise i don't know a whole lot (even though i am a man) but i know where women get it wrong...brothers please correct me if i am wrong...sistas i jus dey gist ooooo

Women come in different forms, with different games but same purpose...each weighed with a question "what do i have to do to keep this man?"...i have decided to use my experience and stories to categorize these women (Note: Not all women are like this...there are some truly strong, confident and sincere women out there...)

The "I love to cook babe": some time ago i met a babe that i felt we rhymed well together... driven, mature, intelligent, a true naija beauty, long hair, sweet as can be. Anyway, we got talking and se told me how she loves to cook and that she spoilt her ex rotten with her mouth-watering delicacies... so i felt it was appropriate i share with her that i like a woman that can cook..ah! ah! (the way to a man's heart is through his stomach). Anyway to cut the long story short, she invited me over to her place one weekend..the idea was she'll cook up a storm...so the day finally came ..monsieur miguel decided to fast for the day in preparation for what i hoped was going to be a night of egunje and mouth cleaning... i got to the babes place...man as i walked into the house the aroma was off the chain.. i mean its either my nose can't differentiate between the smell of cooking gone bad or hunger had rewired my senses... i mean when the babe brought the food..rice in one plate, stew in another, as the meal approached me i noticed the rice shaking ...ah ah ...why is the rice floating? anyhow lets just say i sat there and like a well trained man ate the food...man my stomach grumbleeeeeed .. i mean for days ...i'll save the nasties but you get the picture...i hear some of you asking how was the stew...lets just say the meat, onions and tomatoe were fighting..in the middle of the fight, salt and pepper escaped...as they were escaping, maggi zapped...they all blamed it on oil scarcity.
Anyhow my point here is...after this episode, it was tough trusting anything the girl told me... Advice for the ladies... if you can't cook, dont know how to cook, or just hate cooking, tell the guy straight up..if he is stupid to leave a damsel like you because of that, you are better off than the headache that come months into a relatiosnhip.

"The rice is mine, so is the sauce and goat meat" type babe: now these are the dangerous ones... i mean i remember a babe that gave me food in her place and swore that she cooked it. Unfortunately for her, a friend of mine invited me to a Nigerian restaurant... i mean the rice and stew (yup u can sell me for rice, stew and soft plantain) tasted like what i ad in the girls place... i was even telling my friend that man its too good to be true..surely i was right... i confronted the babe and by golly she confessed to buying the food from the restaurant and claiming the cooking rights... i mean thats an infringement of the cooks right! she apologised and all but the harm had been done already... found it hard trusting this babe as well.

"Independent Lady": Ladies let me say this...theres nothing wrong with being independent...theres everything right about it but one piece of advice..be careful how you flaunt it...men are easily put off by women that take their independence too far...example...a friend of mine had this babe that he was seeing, i mean dude was miserable...dude would always run to me to seek advice cos this babe was causing the guy to have wrinkles... i mean botox couldnt save the miserable look this dude had each time i saw him. Every other weekend, this babe would get up and travel to another city for one event or another...the problem is, this dude was always the last to know she was traveling somewhere...she'd either call him on her way on the day shes leaving, on her way to the airport or when she got to her destination... i mean this babe crashed more weddings and out-of-town parties that if the movie wedding crasher was a documentary, she would have been the main feature. Oh well after the dude was yabbed enough times by his boys and their girlfriends, dude decided to wear his trouser and take action... now dude has got so much attention while the babe is yearning for a relationship.

Change Agent: Women! you can't change a man...all you can do is influence him...a man will only change if he feels the conviction...other than that, you stand no chance! my christian sistas that go around with an unbeliever, in the hope that she will change him...one word...ok two words ...THE BIBLE...its clearly written there ..do not be unevenly yoked...enough said! secondly, if when you met the guy he told you he likes chewing stick and that he's loved chewing stick...if you know that doesnt work for you..my dear find ya square root!...if you choose to hang around in the hope that you can influence him to change, sure be my guest but don't get frustrated if you see no change. Don't get mad at him for refusing to change something he's never had a problem with! if its too hard to tolerate..my dear find you another! A good investment reaps some form of return... if you continually invest and you get no return and you choose to continue, i'll say hmmmmm and leave it at that.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T: Before you say anything... i totally agree with you...guys especially Naija guys want what they don't sow...and some have a different understanding of what respect is...but i'll say this to you a man craves respect ...i'll believe that a woman also craves a man she can respect...A guy can tell when he is with a babe that isn't respectful...i can clearly tell you that if he is keeping you around, you are like the donut tire... when he finds time he'll go to the tire shop and buy a proper tire and you will get the BOOT (lol...a pat on my back for that analogy...chei..tire and BOOT)...If you notice that the guy doesnt respect you and you choose to stay in that relatiosnhip, be sure that the guy has formed an opinion about you...cause guys know when they are giving a babe crap..if the babe continually takes it...some guys will walk all over her...so ladies in the words of Aretha Franklin" R-E-S-P-E-C-T find out what it means to meR-E-S-P-E-C-T take out the TCP ohhhh (Sock it to me,etc.)"

Mother hen: while dating, if you get as far as being introduced to the mumsie, please oooo please i am begging you...never speak ill of a guys mum...even if gus lie that they are not their mums pet..its a lieeeeeeee...we take it serious when a babe can't seem to get along with our mums...if a guy knowing this keeps you around, i'll bet you are temporary... Guys don't be stupid..if its clear the babe despises your mother..let her go... i remember a dude who knew clearly that his babe disliked his mum but dude said he was in love...like i said and i will say again ..dude was in lust...oh well he ended up marying the babe...how about after the marriage the guys mum is not allowed to even visit!

Friends Friends Friends: Ladies be careful with whom you gist about your relationship... Your friens might want the best for you but their advice will not lead to that...don't get me wrong..friends are great especially when they keep knocking you for failing to see how badly you are being treated by a guy that is suppose to love you but beware..if you have a good man, your friend might want some of him... guys can also tell if you are a babe they would want to settle down with from the kind of friends you keep...if you've got a loud mouthed friend ..who all she does is talk about people, your man is watching!...if he doesnt complain, it could be one of two things...either he enjoys gist and so he welcomes such people or he's already come to the conclusion that you are no different from your friend.

I LOVE YOU: ladies please even if you saw a vision or its written on the guys forehead "Mine" ..don't go telling the guy you love him after the first week..it leaves the guy thinking you are a needy person and that isnt always good...in fact its never good. Even if you genuinely feel it, control yourself at least give it a month and then calmly tell the guy "Dude i realize we've been talking for a few weeks now but i think i am beginning to like you and i truly dont know if i should encourage the feeling or kill it"...if dude doesnt respond...my dear pick race ooo...if dude hesitates my dear keep your eyes wide open..(all i am saying is ...his initial reaction says alot)...but please dont go saying "Dude I love you" after week 2 ..haba!!! you'll cause the dude to panic...I remember a babe i had onl spoken with probably four times and seen once in the span of a month ...one night we are talking over the phone and she goes "Wow i never thought i could fall in love so easily" ...I never thought so too...man i remember putting my MVF ( most valuable finger) into over-drive... i mean from that point on i cherished Voicemail..cos sometimes you listen ..other times you simply delete without listening....huhuhuhuuhuhuuaahhuahhah.........

Dressing: sorry but i have to be crude here... you can't dress like a prostitute and expect a guy to respect you...what do you think has attracted the dude to you in the first place? your sense of style? ha ha ha ...LUSTTTTTTTTTT! and when a guy has had enough he will carry on like nothing happened...You hear it preached in church...its true.

Why buy the cow when you can get the milk free: I talk to sistas about the true essence of a woman...In ancient days, i bet some of you have read stories of how guys used to fight in order to woo a lady they like...trust me a man cherishes that which he has to fight for than that which comes for free...away from this...who do you desire to please God or Man? Don't you know your body is the sanctuary of the most high? and the Spirit of God lives in You? ... its funny how women mess around and then when they get to church they quote "He who is in me is greater than He who is in the world" ...man i crack up ...hahahahahaha...

I'll stop here...cause i am feeling the heat around me...expect a part 2! but i'll leave you all with this...Ecc. 3 ...theres a time and season for everything under the sun. A man that tells you if you dont sleep with him it means you dont love him, trust me coming from a guy that has played that game, its a lie from the pits of hell...he doesn't love you...he LUSTS you...if you give in, trust me you've left yourself exposed to the wiles of the devil! seek to please God and everything else will fall into place...

Anyway i just got into Chicago... theres an event here tomorrow... i brought my camera with me... i'll keep you all posted with gist and possibly pictures... Are we cool? lol

Sunday, July 23, 2006

2Face Idibia - Nfana Ibaga (No Problem)
Never Far Away

I Miss Home!!!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Dennis Bergkamp - A Tribute To A Legend

We'll miss you Bergky! thanks for the memorable years.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Two blogs in one day? Woahhhhhhh!

Ok so after writing my previous blog, i decided to read up on some current affairs... noticed that BBC had carried out an online debate "Is it worth getting married?" Africans never cease to crack me up ... Here are some of the funnier ones and my thoughts...

I think because of the attitude and behaviours of women in Nigeria, I am of the opinion that Nigerian men should turn their backs to our women and not marry any of them for 1 or 2 years to see whether they will change. They are quite arrogant. Thanks. Anthony Boniface, Jos - Nigeria

Miguels Thoughts

Chei ! Boniface! oga madam... naija women have shown this dude sege!

I think marriage is like putting up a big building. You should do your survey very well,have a good plan and design and, after a strong foundation has been put up, your building will last forever. You should know what you want, who you want and the person you are with. With love, your marriage will sustain for years.Evans Arthur , Accra, Ghana

Miguels Thoughts

Evans ooo buildings collapse even with solid or in your words strong foundation... love does not carry a marriage but prayer!!!

It is mankind's self-centeredness and selfishness which has created problems in holy matrimony. Yishak Degefu, Addis Ababa,Ethiopia

Miguels thoughts

Hmmm this one is deeeeeeppppp! kai i need to sleep on this one. Yishak (in the voice of De niro...analyze that) you're goood.. you're really goood

Getting married in Africa is adding more injuries to a wound. You will see your husband or wife having a love affair with some other person.It is more than a genocide for marriage is sacrelligious. Where there is suspicion of infidelity, seperation is the answer.Paul Ayamba, Yaounde-Cameroon

Miguels thoughts

Pauloooo ..this same news got to me recently ooo its sad that women will celebrate their cheating spouses or even tolerate it...what is going on Africa!!!

No its not worth getting married. I've never been a believer of marriage. Saying things like 'I will love you forever' is very stupid! How long is forever?. Gosh, then you find people walking down the aisle for the 3rd time, having divorced the previous 2, and still say 'till death do us part'!Ngonii, Windhoek, Namibia

Miguels thoughts

Ngonii pull up a chair and lets talk...what happened when you were 6? lol lol

I am not happy in my marriage. Mohamed Nahir, Manchester, UK

Miguels thoughts

Ladies and gents this one wins the cake!...while others were writing long tales, this dude kept it to one line...Please pray for his marriage. For the bible says he who finds a wife, finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord.

Your mates are settling down...are you gay?

How ignorant can people be? simply because i love my tapered english suits, shirts and pants? and i choose to revel in my singledom (at least thats the perception) people draw the conclusion that its either I am gay or have major issues? Oh please people should let me be...what happened to the fact that my priorities may be different from the norm or simply that I just havent found a sista i'd love to settle down with or who would agree to settle down with me ( lol....ha ha ha ha ...the story of lurveeeee).
The past couple of weeks have been rather trying for me...at first i chose to ignore certain comments but i must admit its finally gotten to me....argggggghhhhhhhhh... so forgive me but you guys would have to read through my vent!

So for some time now my pastors have been asking whats up with me...any babes in the picture...any babes in church... what do i desire in a woman...e.t.c. and i have consistently told them NO but that i will let them know if things change. My mother has taken her petition to God but my friends who used to be so understanding and supportive of my goals are the ones pissing me off!!! Since its clear that i am alone in this, i have decided to share my predicament with the world...hopefully you guys will see it my way...

So why am i really single? I am single out of choice...not because i havent been blessed in meeting great women, No its because in most cases (and i mean MOST) I single-handedly mess things up... i mean if messing things up was an art, I would be the Da vinci of our time. If it was a degree, i'll come out top of the class, if it were a meal i would by now be heavier than a whale ( you get the gist). Whats my problem you ask? well lets just say I have many...they start from the petty things to things that require compromising either my faith or principles. I will break them into different categories.

1. Blind date syndrome: "If you ever need to test your sight, try a blind date..most of them will leave your eyes wide open"- Monsieur Miguel 2006. I mean whats up with friends and hooking you up with babes that look like their wives ( not that theres anything wrong with their wives but i am just not attracted to the same type of babe). I tell my friends i am keen on being with a Naija babe and for some strange reason they feel the need to hook me up with a babe from Vietnam... what are you thinking???? i can't even show you on the map of the world where the place is...those friends aren't the worse..the ones that really get me are those that hook you up with babes that are clearly older than you ..in look and age... so a friend of mine introduced me to a babe who was obtaining her 1st masters (she has about 4 advanced degrees) while i was in primary school... i mean what the helllllll.... we met up at a concert for the first time and a friend saw her and asked "oh is this your older sister?" .. i mean charlie but whyyyy charlie whyyyyyyyyy? then you have those special friends (i mean short bus special) who feel women are to be recycled...why would you even think of hooking me up with a babe that you've had some kind of history with? i don't care if all you did was hold hands! I am not interested!

2. Puppy Love
Now this is a very sensitive one. Growing up at one point or another, I had a couple of girls i had crushes on... oh my! i tell you i would have sold my youngest sibling ( forgive me but he was the most troublesome one) just to date them... i mean back then just watching them in class or seeing them at parties made my MONTH! man i was a hot mess... put it this way the feeling was not mutual back then...its funny but i disclosed the way i felt to one of them and in order to pay me in kind for sharing with her my most intimate thoughts, she decided to date my closest pal at the time... well fast forward and years have come and gone...we are all adults now and now she wants to rekindle what we never had... the trouble is...though her friends tell me...i act completely naive when shes around...shes still as hot as she was when we were still growing up but she dated my friend and thats a no no for me and besides we are at different points in our lives right now... like my step mum would say ..."never go back to your vomit"...lol...lol...she has a way of bringing you back to earth when you least want to. I struggle with whether i should tell her without her asking that we will never be anything more than friends or i should continue acting naive...she actually called the other night talking about she'll like to fly in to see me ..lets just say after that call my work schedule has become extremely unmanageable...i take on any and every deal that needs staffing. I plan to avoid us meeting until i know shes gotten into a relationship or I'm in one...( yeah its wicked of me but the bible says "flee from all forms of evil").

3. The most recent ex

People say exes cant be friends... i totally agree ... i feel its unhealthy...especially if one or both parties still feel something even when you two have been apart for over 4 years!!! ...yeah thats the story of me and my ex... shes currently dating a guy i know she truly respects...i dont know if i can clearly say shes in love with him but knowing how loyal she is, if he loves her, she might remain there and gradually learn to love him. Shes an embodiment of what a true woman stands for...loyal, respectful, loving, caring, educated e.t.c. We talk and text from time to time... its amazing how at the end of each call or text, it still ends with "I love you or I love you more" even though we both know the likelihood of us being together again is close to 0 (.0001)... You might ask why? the bible says " do not be unevenly yoked" ... I love the Lord with all my heart and no one, nothing comes close to that...so His instructions i obey without questioning. So i refuse to compromise my faith.

4. Looks...so called beauty

Lol.... For all the guys reading this blog...please read this part carefully...do not be carried away by beauty. The bible says the woman is the crown of her husband... many men have gone in search of beauty and have found destruction or hd their destinies cut short! (Samson). I am not saying do not be with a woman you are attracted to ooo or hook up with a babe you find attractive... all i am saying is...let that not weigh heavily when it comes to making a decision about whom you want to share your life with...for many have gone ahead of you and today are telling tales of misery and pain. I say this because, for a few years, i have always had this whole picture in my head of how my wife would look, how tall, how fat or how slim e.t.c. ..theres nothing wrong in asking God for all these things if you so desire but ask that His will for your life be what you get and not your desires...women the same goes for you when it comes to picking a guy ooo...trust me i hear horror stories of beautiful couples who are miserable because they failed to carry out due dilligence prior to marrying their partner...they were so enarmoured by looks that they paid other qualities no mind. I discovered that most of the women i find really attractive (trophy type) are nothing but that trophies! when I invest more time into knowing them I find that though shes a great woman, shes not a great woman for me. It funny its amazing how after a few conversations, the high you were on seems to evaporate...Its particularly funny that in my case i get to learn months later that they've either been engaged by some other dude or they are married. I am learning to deal with this aspect and as God works on me i know things will work together for my good.

5. Naijas in every nook and cranny are connected

It is tough finding a woman who isnt some how or in some way connected to your ex or who hasnt dated one of your friends... Its funny how you meet a great girl and you two hit it off, only to discover that shes either your exes friend or at one point or another shes been linked with your friend... I mean in the naija circle its badddd...i recently came across a couple of websites and i couldnt help but crack up because i noticed i may not be the only one who has had to face this ...some guys/gals could careless and today you find a wedding site of theirs up...but i on the other hand cannot bring myself to do the same. Is my thought process flawed?

6. I like her, she dislikes me, i like her, she dislikes me...

I can hear some of you go ...what is new...tell me something i dont know! I have had a couple of these happen...its funny how you want it to happen so badly and you fail to take into account that it takes two to tango and if the feeling isnt mutual, nothing you two build stands a chance.

7. Career driven and obsessed ladies

I'll be the first to say i admire strong, driven and independent ladies but i am of the school of thought that belives that theres a time and place for that. Its funny how you meet some women these days and you hear them talk about their careers and their desires and where they place their families. I must say its sad! if our fathers and mothers were career driven and could careless about family, i doubt you nor I would be where we are today. how can i marry a woman that wants to work 20 hr days who believes family should be built around her free time... Huh? i am not that desparate! i'd rather be alone than deal with such egotisical tpye! Everything in life has an order...God, Family/spouse, career then ministry (though career and ministry are interchangeable).

I ask the women not to see this as a bashing exercise because this could go either way...but clearly when you add all this up, you would have to agree with me that the reason why i am not married is because i haven't found the right one... lol.

There are many plans (could also be desires) in a man's heart, Nevertheless the Lord's counsel-that will stand (Proverbs 19:21)

Charm is deceitful and beauty is passing, But a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised ( Proverbs 31:31)

An excellent wife is the crown of her husband, but she who causes shame is like rottenness in his bones (Proverbs 12:4)

I stand not as a man without flaws but truly as one who realizes the many flaws he possesses and in the words of Tyler Perry's Madea " I can do bad all by myself!"

Do you believe theres only one person for everyone? feel free to share your thoughts and any stories...questions are also welcomed...

Thursday, July 20, 2006

When the ex comes calling....

Its funny how i went through life at times in denial. Denying the hurt i felt, denying the friends i missed, denying the love i craved...denying them all. I am man! i said...tougher than a bronco truck, thicker than leather and like steel, unbreakable...what a load of crap! First I am human... then I am a man who like any other has feelings...(sigh!)...

Women ask "why do you find it hard to let anyone in" ... it was a rainy day...i couldn't be bothered by the rain... i was going to get a phone card and i was determined to speak to that one special person...that girl who seemed to know all the right words, had the perfect smile and had vowed to keep herself for my return. I walked in the rain, got my phone card, walked across the street to the nearest payphone, picked up the handset, set my fingers in motion and within seconds her voice rang through..."Hello!"..."Hey girl its me"....what seemed like a minute went past then a response completely different from what i had grown accustomed to came through the handset; her voice shaking, she said hello..."why are you crying?" i asked... suddenly she responds..."I have dreaded this day and its come too soon"..." talk to me..whats going on"... in the middle of her sobs she tells me she couldn't wait any longer and as such she had given herself to another....another what? woaaaahhhh...another man...with that and a little more said, i replaced the black handset, walked out of the booth into the rain...walking away from that booth i vowed never to let anyone close...

Lol lol lol lol lol lol lol... ha ha ha ha ha ha ha h ah hah ah ah aha ah aha aha ah .... i needed some dramatic start....

Hello my peeps... yup its MOI again..... with the latest, hottest and drama filled gist... so i found a message waiting for me when i got home from the plantation (office) a few days ago...from a "friend" i hadn't been in touch with for at least four years... i figured whatever it was that led her to initiate contact with me must be extremely important. So i decided to give her a shout... let me start by giving you a little background... lets call ol'girl "Adventure"... so a few years back i dated Adventure...a lovely, cheerful lady ( probably too cheerful for me)...i decided to break things off with her cause i didnt see us going anywhere...she was everything a man would have wanted but she wasnt what this man wanted...after the break up, we decided to take a break from each other, cut all communication for a few months in the hope that either we'll realize we made a mistake or things would die naturally. Well lets just say we moved on and a few months later re-established some level of communication (Instant messenger"hey" Hi..ok goodbye) type. Anyway a few years have gone by and we havent said a word to each other, prior to this episode.
So i finally get through to her and i asked if everything was okay..cause i noticed she had left me a message... she goes ..yeah she had good news to share with me... that she had just gotten engaged! yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..... ok that got me worried... why you may ask..well here is the reason. So in the past year, i've had three of my exes call me up to inform me they are getting married or they've just gotten engaged... heres my thing... why are they calling me to tell me this? why do they feel i need to know? one actually asked me if it was okay (i pity the dude shes marrying cos definitely if you have

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Blind date...

I have so much to share but picking which one to share on what day is tough...today was actually funny... so I was talking to a friend about blind dates...I'll like to know what you all think about blind dates...feel free to share... by the way i've decided to share an interesting blind date story...enjoy!

Let me give you a little background... so this dude named Darren took this babe out on a blind date..as life would have it, the babe must have been really hot and as such Darren was hoping he'll get to see her again..but in the words of zebrudaya...fa fa fa foul! Dude didnt hear from the babe for over two weeks ..so dude decides to show her his version of "flip-mode" ... Enjoy the voicemails...

Darren the Stalker
Darren the Stalker: The Darrenator Returns
Darren: Now with Extra Sketchiness
Darren the Gentleman
Look at me!! I called The China Grill!

I know you guys are wondering if the babe ever responded...yes ooo the babe na true naija..cos she told the guy point blank...Stop calling! i am not giving you a dime! call my employer! send me a court summons!...man the babe is rugged...i'll keep you guys abreast of part II.

Look out for my next entry "When the ex comes calling"....

much props to the Gonzorangers crew...check them out @ www.gonzoranger.com

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Guess who is Back!!!

hello my people... yup i am back ooo... i know i've been gone for a while but you can't blame a broda... demands of school, church, weddings, drama(s), writers block...so let me bring you all up-to-date.

Yes i got into my 1st choice school ...i give God the praise...but walahi talahi school can be humbling. I mean where else do you pay so much money, get deprived of sleep, get cold called at least twice a week ( its always in that class you failed to prepare for), have lengthy assignments and cases to go through week in week out? for those ladies looking to lose weight..if you've tried every single diet on this earth and they've all failed, try B-school diet... you will be amazed at how much weight you would have lost in your first semester/quarter. I walk around these days looking like Chris Rock in the days of "boomerang" ...man that dude looked really bad back then...see what money does...

Ok let me not bore you all with school jare...i have a lot to gist y'all...where do i start...hmmm...ok let me start from the latest craze...wedding sites!
First off let me just say that i have no issues with people sharing their stories...i think its a beautiful thing..its gotten a few brodas thinking about settling down ( now i don't know if its so they can have their own site or if its hit them that its about time they settled down).
Anyway, so my favorite past-time is no longer scrabble but wedding sites... man some of the stories are hilarious ... i mean i read one site where they were talking about the groom...they went as far as mentioning the dude was delivered by German nurses/doctor... i almost laughed my self to a sore throat...kai... naijas never cease to amaze me...German doctor...lol...lol...

Anyway i have serious beef with some of the sites... at the rate at which folks are throwing up sites, by the time i find my wife and we settle on a date to get married and also build our German inspired site, there'll be no more songs for us to pick from... we might have to record our own song...ah! ah!! i mean this is too much... first it was oruka...i didnt complain, then "you" ..i said nothing...then "here and now" i acted dumb...but "Olomiiiiii" naaa i vexxxxx...common people...if it was only one or two sites playing the song, i'd understand and probably have it on rotation but almost every site has the song playing...i mean 95% of the sites i've been through have it as one of their songs... i mean its gotten so bad that whenever i want to here the song, rather than listen to my ipod or play the CD, all i need to do is pull up a site.

By the way! what is up with all these weddings? i mean i leave town for less than a year, people have gotten engaged left, right and center... by the time i am sending them a congratulatory email, i receive a wedding invite. Even in my church, i hear we had close to 15 weddings between January and July...as a result of this and a few other things i have noticed, i have come to a conclusion...there has to be money involved! In the words of the great Oliver d'Coupe .."oga chop! i chop!" please share with the rest of us ooo. i mean its really disturbing...but for my friends the Punk of Bradford, Jupka Jupka and Roterminator, every other male friend of mine is either engaged, getting married in a month, in december or married. I mean what is going on hereeeeeeeeeeeeeee....what gets me the most is, i show up for these weddings and i look like the irresponsible one. It got so bad that the last wedding i went for, rather than the groom throwing the garter, the dude called me up on stage and handed it to me... utter embarrassment! to that effect i have made a vow...the next wedding i attend i must have a partner with me...for $19.99, i have found the perfect partner! Shes full of air, forever smiling, never talks (and i mean never! she hasn't said a word to me since i bought her), shes always dressed and ready to go, never hungry, submissive..in short shes every man's dream...now that i have her, i doubt i'll ever face such embarrassment again...

Anyway just thought i should at least put something up just to show i am back...I'll be back with correct gist...man i have so much gist, Ovation cannot hold me down!