Where do I start

Friday, March 18, 2005

First Ding arrives

Oh well let me start off with the somewhat good news.. I just finished my Columbia interview...how did it go? lets just say hmmmmm.... the interviewer told me to have a lovely weekend and not to think about the interview that everything will be fine....oh well in a couple of weeks or so, i'll update y'all.

On a different tangent, I will be having a ten year reunion with the beautiful lady I dated back in high school... my goodness she was HOT (ouch).... its been ten years since I saw her last and from all indications she hasn't lost her beauty nor her charm... Oh well I'll keep y'all posted on how that goes.....yup I hear Yale asking.."is she still single?".... yup as of two days ago, she was single ( I think) but I cant vouch for today ...y'all know how these things go... women are getting engaged by the second...if you blink your girlfriend could be engaged to another guy....

Talking about high school... I went by my high school online forum to see whats up and at least keep up with the going-ons in the lives of my mates and there was this raucous going on in there.. guess two guys got into a hot exchange, which I personally feel went over board with one party clearly overreacting " I will be pulling the plug"... lol...lol... please pull all you have to pull... Oh well that isn't the point...actually going on there and watching these two go back and forth and then reading the commentaries from other mates, cracked me up...totally reminded me of my time in Federal.... its strange how time has no effect on the growth of certain people... oh well I still love my Federal peeps they say it how they see it....the realest crew (ogbu eeeee, arrowww...dodge)

Now onto bad news..

ok I officially got my first ding (rejection) today....can u imagine the audacity, they had the nerves, what garbage, do they know who I am?, let me speak to the person that made the decision.... and my all time favorite... I will show you pepper.... yup that school (Tuck/Dartmouth) just as I suspected sent me my first ding.... yeah it hurts a bit cause I felt I stood a good chance though I must confess after the interview I knew all hope was lost... but still to get a rejection always hurts no matter how you look at it... oh well I guess that reduces my options to two... (yeah I bet y'all cant wait for me to post my final decision)...

By the way I forgot to share this with y'all...Notre Dame offered me a full scholarship and invited me to join their admission office if I accept their offer .... I knew they loved me but I didnt know they loved me this much... awww... eyaaaaaaaa....

Talking about posting my final decision, I plan to make it simple... I will post my new email account so that way peeps would know where I intend to spend the next two years.

Anyway gotta run now.... apparently they claim rejection leads to depression... so they advise I find myself a shrink.... Lord knows by the time I am done with that shrink he or she will need a shrink or two.

Monday, March 14, 2005

Columbia comes calling

Just got invited to interview at Columbia... man i am having a smashing time with this B-school process...no rejection yet, though to be frank i am expecting two (naaa wont name the schools... i might jinx myself)... well i'll let y'all know how that goes.

Besides that nothing interesting to write about today... lets just say i havent had a life for a couple of weeks now. Plan to join the gym in a few days (hmm make that weeks), travel a bit (weird thing is, i cancelled two trips already)...anyway i will keep y'all posted.