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Thursday, October 02, 2008

God loves me!

I am alive today because of the love God has for me. I take a lot of things for granted at times but after my experience this past Saturday/Sunday, my words will mean more and my actions a lot more from this day forth. I feel blessed that God in His infinite goodness and mercy, has chosen to keep me alive and as I live, I'll continue to seek His purpose for my life, continue to work towards satisfying that which He has called me to be and accomplish. Below is my testimony:

On Saturday, I got a call from the driver asking if I planned on going out. With no destination in mind but eager to go out, after spending most of the week dealing with one meeting or another, I asked him to pick me up. When the driver showed up, he had this look on his face, his eyes looked strange...At first, I thought nothing of it but as he drove me within the estate, I noticed a certain boldness within him that he hadn't displayed through the period we've worked together...Rather than referring to me as "Oga" as he usually does, he was referring to me as "Big bros", constantly raising his voice as he spoke to me or answered my questions ...At this point, I asked him to drop me at home and return for me later in the day...When he called back later in the day to pick me up, my spirit said I shouldn't go anywhere...I must say this was really tough for me because I was wayyy too bored, with practically nothing to do in the house, staying home wasn't appealing but I went ahead and told him I'd be staying in for the night. I asked that he pick me up for church the next day and he went on his way.
The next morning, I called to confirm he was on his way to pick me up for church...At first I got no answer...I tried his number again and finally got an answer...the driver had been involved in an accident Saturday night...the car had summersaulted three times but he survived with cuts. As I sat back in shock, it hit me...It should have been apparent to me on Saturday...his sudden boldness, the look on his face, his eyes etc...the driver was high.

Who knows what would have happened if he had picked me up that night? I normally sit in the back with no seat belt on...I am convinced more than ever, that God speaks to His beloved and I am thankful that for once I listened.

I realize I said I'd put up a post on Faith but I couldn't put off this testimony. I pray that God speaks to you all in ways that you'll listen, understand and know it's Him speaking, in Jesus name. Amen.


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