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Sunday, July 29, 2007

I'm coming out!!!!!!!!!

I titled this entry after the hit by Diana Ross. This weekend was for lack of a better word, great!!. Great on soooo many levels...the wedding, my "talk" with my friend, overcoming my traditional attire fear, a re-connection and an introduction. Forgive me if I jump from one place to another on this post...I don't want to be too structured in this post or else I'll give certain people and gist up...lol...lol.


The church service was quite emotional with all the brides maids drenching the church with their tears. It was truly nice watching the couple take their vows, as my mind was pre-occupied with thoughts and questions about my status, fears, prospects e.t.c. The brides maids are by far some of the funniest babes I've come across... I mean these babes were a handful!!! I have a confession though...it's amazing what a dress and some make-up can do to a woman (I should know this first hand!!..lol) but the babes I saw on Friday during rehearsals weren't the same babes on Saturday...Transformers, Robots in disguise!!!...lol...Anyway the bride was dashing... I am truly happy for both of them....these days its not easy finding the right "ONE"...too many playing the field, too many wise ones (are they really wise...lol), too many desperate ones... it practically turns you off!!!...too many bitter ones (damaged goods)...Okay to be fair I don't think there are enough quality guys out there either but with what I've experienced within the past couple of months, I dare say I've seen more undeserving women than men ...yeah I hear you saying I am being partial...Oh well I tell it like I see it! I couldn't wait to leave the church service ...all the Pastors, kept passing by me and saying the same thing "You are next"...normally I'd be quiet when I hear that but this time they all expected to hear an Amen... AMEN!!!...to be open with you guys, I really believe I am next...it's strange but I got this eerie feeling...I've been to many weddings without having this strange feeling but time they say will tell.

Traditional Attire
So let me say upfront, my first experience wearing a traditional attire wasn't half-bad...it was uncomfortable at first but I must say after a couple of laughs and unexpected camera flashes, I felt like a veteran...So my wife has nothing to worry about...if she wants a traditional wedding, I am DOWN!!! It's funny watching peoples reactions though...Walking into the hall after changing, I noticed a couple of people pointing at my direction...a few laughs...a few jaws drop....to make matters worse my Pastor dragged me to the dance floor, where the bride winked at me (she was happy to see me wearing it...said it made her day...awwwww).

Now, let me say the process of getting this attire tailored for me took forever...you wont believe it but I had to sit in the tailors shop till about 9pm while the reception was going on just for her to finish it (I had gone for my measurement a week before the wedding)...the lady was booked solid or maybe overbooked sounds better...anyway while waiting a lady had also been waiting for her dress to be ready (she had a bash to attend)...I never knew how serious people took their traditional attire ooo ...this woman was sparking in Yoruba about her trad not being ready and the fact that they were spending time sewing mine (she had no clue I understood Yoruba)... so she turns to me and goes" I hope you'll have fun wearing your trad" to which I replied "I am not sure if I will be wearing it"..ahhhh that sent the lady to the roof... I mean this lady practically went off on me and the tailor...lol...it was a sight to behold...

The "talk"
So in spirit of true friendship, I decided not to delay this conversation any longer. I finally told my friend the babe he was in love with, happens to like me. Now this dude is bigger than myself (physically) and I must confess I had no clue what to expect cause it was clear I had known for a while but just acted ignorant. Anyway, dude was as cool as ice...we spoke at length and I explained my part to him, I think it shook him a bit but I know it did our friendship a lot of good...One thing I can sincerely say is that I am loyal to my friends and always willing to give of myself to them, whatever makes them happy, keeps me satisfied. Oh well we sorted everything out and I told him the way I feel about the babe in question as such he needs not worry about being uncomfortable cause the feeling wasn't mutual.
The funniest thing about our conversation was during the wedding reception, we noticed a group of so-called friends hanging together...all with their motives...while they thought they got one over us, we knew the joke was on them and we couldn't help but laugh out loud each time they walked by... I am the luckiest chap out here...My friends are true to me and I to them..no hidden agendas..no sharing of girlfriends or love interests....lol...we really had a laughhhhhhh!!! No eyeing the same girl and lying to the other..or thwarting our moves...lol....

While waiting at the tailor's place for my attire, I got a text from a flame from my past. I hadn't spoken with this babe in ages but I was shocked as to how happy I felt hearing from her(could it be the wedding fever catching me or just a relief from the spectacle of life)...I was even happier when after texting, she decided to call...I truly can't understand why I was so happy hearing from her....Naaaa think the wedding affected me in more ways than some...who knows but it was strange...I tried not to stay on the phone too long cause the whole conversation was kind of weird...I mean we were both excited that we re-connected and I guess she was shocked I sounded the way I did...Throughout the remainder of the wedding, I tried to figure out why I was so excited to hear from a babe I had made a solemn vow to avoid (gist for another day)...Oh well...I'll give it a couple of days and see how I feel...but my first prognosis is to blame it on the wedding.

An introduction
They say the world is so small that even if you run to the farthest part of the world and you do all within your power not to be found, there's a great possibility you'd be found sooner than later. On Sunday I walked into the restroom in church to wash my hands and met a gentleman in there...the face didn't look familiar being that it wasn't a face I had seen in church before I figured he was a guest...anyway I went about my business. Just as I was wiping my hands, the dude goes "did you live in Lagos?" I said yes..."are you xyz's brother?" I said no...."wow your face looks familiar"...anyway he kept going until I discovered we had mutual friends...it finally hit me where I had seen him but for some strange reason I wasn't in the mood...ok ok ok ... let's just say a certain person brought him to church and I'd hate to mess up her hook up... ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha .... Besides we weren't friends as such there was really nothing to relate to...so he asked we speak after service which I clearly avoided...lol... I knew immediately after church, I'd take off so it was easy agreeing to meet, knowing quite well it wasn't going to happen...Anyway my plan was almost messed up by a friend in church I had loaned my laptop to whom I was trying to find...I ended up bumping into dude about three times after service and I guess it was apparent I was avoiding a conversation with him cause on each occasion, I acted like I didn't see him...lol...I'd hate to rained on the babes parade by speaking with him in her presence (one of such occasion she was in the same room)...I leave that to the shallow minded ones....lol....lol...lol...one thing I got out of this more than anything else is be strong in your conviction...when you think something is amiss about a person, more than likely you are correct!!!...what a joker! My friend BBD was right (more on that below).

A gift from a friend
My boy BBD, had loaded my IPOD with John Mayer..asked me to listen to the whole album.... well after having such an eventful and interesting day, I decided to listen to what he had loaded. Stuck my earphones into my ears, scrolled until I found John Mayer...switched off my light, listened as I slowly slipped into sleep...the beautiful thing about his songs are the lyrics..they are just something else....Today was a good day... At last I can be rest assured from here on out the cob webs are done with... My step mum's advice has become priceless at this time .."never return to your puke"... I didn't need to stay away too long to realize that...Special thanks to BBD for teaching me that at times the best way to get back at people that aren't true is to look the fool but act with wisdom...dude the wisdom you shared surely worked ...Wish you were around to see the result of what you set in motion a few weeks back..let's just call it a "Masterpiece"....lol...enjoy New York...by the way all the nominees were present...lol...it was a sight to behold...Sunday would have left you reeling on the floor...
Meanwhile you were soooo right about the Italian...I hate you for always being right in regards to matters involving women....arrrrrrrrgggggggggggggg....

As usual I'll leave you all with this...

Your friends are like your reflection when you stand in front of a mirror
It never deceives but shows you what the world will see of you
It doesn't lighten nor darken your complexion, the color of your clothes, nor change the shade of your make-up
Be careful who you hang with
'cause at times in life, the only opportunity people will have to make a decision about you would be based on what they see as you stand in front of the mirror and not your excuses.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Case for drug testing!

This is going to be as random a post as ever...I want to touch on sooo much going on...lol

So I think in my first or second post, I mentioned I had moved out of the school building after graduation. Well one one of the things I had to do was give this lady that works in the building a forwarding address, so as to forward my mails to me. Well there is a yellow slip which you have to fill out and hand over to her and she'd input the information into the system so that people know what to do and where to send mail when it comes. Well, I noticed that three weeks had come and gone, No mail! (I am a huge mail fan)... I found that kind of strange...I think the next night I got an email notification from my credit monitoring company, informing me that changes had been made to my credit profile. This threw me for a loop cause I hadn't in the past year or so made any changes...oh well I logged on to see what changes had been made and behold the address on my credit report had been changed and some strange address had been put in. Immediately I contacted the credit reporting agency and took the necessary action to ensure the changes were corrected.
So while still baffled at the strange activity on my credit report, I decided to go to the school building and check on why I hadn't been receiving mails. On getting there, I met the lady I had handed my forwarding address to...asked her if I had any mails and she answered in the affirmative...she went ahead to tell me she had forwarded it to my address...Well I hadn't received anything and I informed her of this fact..."Give me a minute to check our system for your address"...she comes back and gives me a strange address in Augusta, Georgia. AUGUSTAAAAAAAAAA? I have never been to that city talk less of living there...besides I wrote Atlanta on the form...everything was wrong...from the house number, street name, down to the city and zip code..
To add insult to this matter, she tried defending her position. At this point, I think it's imperative I describe this woman and why I have titled this entry "Case for drug testing" . I truly believe this lady takes drugs or smokes something other than cigarette...lol... I am serious...I've caught the lady a few times smoking and I mean she's a chimney...her lips are all dark and she's become soooo lean and when I look at her eyes they seem red (ok not exactly...lol) but you catch my frustration...anyway the matter gets worse...So I only have one credit card account and the other day I tried using my card to make an online purchase...DECLINED!!! Confused, I call the credit card company and they said they needed to verify i was the one making some unusual charges...after going through that, they asked if I had received a new card they had sent to me...NEW CARD??? what new card?? Sir we sent you a new card back in January...January ke! Well they ended up canceling my card and sending me a new one.... Lord knows if anymore drama should occur, I'll personally write the school and request their employees be given a surprise drug test...lol...someone in Augusta Georgia must be looking all fly....

Second issue...my rooooooom mate ooooooooooooooo....Ok so we've moved past the toilet roll issue now it's the front door. For some strange reason this dude leaves the front door unlocked when he comes into the house...I noticed a pattern...each time he is at home, the front door is locked but when he heads out and I am home alone, he leaves it open...why? why? help me ask him oooo

Third issue...traditional attire for a wedding...So I have been told I have no choice but to wear traditional for a friends wedding...dude (groom) walked up to me and physically pleaded with me..as such being the guy that I am, I went over to the tailors place to have my measurement taken and also help with the design...By the time I was done designing it, the lady (tailor) was like "ahhh this will make a statement"...lol... in her life she's never seen anyone wear what I plan on wearing and I will BLOWWWWWWWW their minds...this will teach people and hopefully pictures will teach my future wife the need to thread carefully when it comes to making demands on me...I can see the groom begging me to wear something else...ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ..

Fourth issue...How do you tell a friend you cherish that the babe he is in love with is in love with you (even though you do not feel the same way for the babe in question)?

Fifth issue...I am becoming too soft and it's bothering me. It's enough that I have to deal with folks calling me metro sexual...I've found myself falling in love with shows on TV...it's okay if all the shows were action packed e.g. 24, CSI(Miami, NY, LV) but I tell you I've found myself watching shows like what about Brian, Desperate House wives (arggg) and I mean watching them ONLINEEEEEEEEEEEE.....helppppppppppppp I am losing my masculinity!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway won't be posting till probably Monday (except something interesting happens between now and then)...so I'll leave you all with this

A group of successful people were asked what is it they desire the most in life? various answers came forth...while some said more money,wealth, power, recognition, others said a happy family, a business of their own...So I ask you what is it that you think people desire the most in life and what is it you desire the most in life? Trust me, it's worth thinking about...let me know your thoughts.

Till my next entry, its been real


Sunday, July 22, 2007

Choose ye now....

Joshua 24:15 (NKJ version)
"And if it seems evil to you to serve the Lord, choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods which your fathers served on the other side of the river, or the gods of the amorites, in whose land you dwell. But as for me and my house, we'll serve the Lord".

My last two posts have been on the lighter side but this weekend I experienced something, heard a bit and saw in part and this passage immediately hit me and being the nice, caring, thoughtful person that I am, did I say how nice a person I am? oh yeahhhh I did ..lol... I felt the need to share.
It's funny how we tend to compartmentalize our lives; our social life in one box, career in another, family in another, relationships, ministry or religion in another and based on which box and the situation we currently face within that box, we either feel God is sufficient to deal with it or we are able and capable of dealing with it ourselves without seeking His face. The above passage speaks of the children of Israel whom despite God bringing their forefathers out of the land of Egypt, fighting their battles on their behalf, giving them victory, causing Balaam who sought to curse them to bless them, protecting and providing for them through their sojourn in the wilderness still chose to serve strange gods. This is a mirror of the lives we live today... we believe God can do one thing and is good for one thing but when it comes to the other area, we feel he is inadequate.

Without going in depth into the gist that has led to this entry, I feel it will serve us better if I just generalize the gist and hopefully it will give each and everyone of us an opportunity to examine ourselves and if need be take the appropriate steps to reconcile with God and be the children He has called us to be. To this end, I'll use a short story(true story) to expand on what I've written above.

A few months back a young girl faced a couple of dilemmas... Firstly, she had to make a career decision and secondly she needed to decide which of her many suitors she'd give her heart to. In the area of her career, she wanted to know what God was saying to her but in the area of her relationship, she needed a man who above all things could satisfy her in bed (she said it would be impossible for her to be in a relationship that didn't involve sex as she was a highly sexual person). A few months later (today), she made a decision and as I sit here and type this I am worried she has no idea how huge the decision she's made today could have on her future.

It's easy to sit behind your laptop, in the comfort of your environment and pass judgement upon her but she is no different from most of us... I have been carried away many times by the physical attributes of a woman prior to asking what role God plays in her life. So I for one know I am just as guilty! But I admire this babe... in her words "she's keeping it real". I trust you all have heard those lines too many times to count..."let's keep it real"..."for real"..."face reality"..."common be realistic"..." that can't be real" e.t.c. Ok! let's be real about this... true no man on earth is above sin...it's something we struggle with... sexual purity, I'll admit is something most singles including myself struggle with though in our hearts of hearts (lol) we desire to serve God and be perfect for him... A touch here, a look there, a replay here, foreplay there, a poke here are all part and parcel of sexual immorality but my issue is, the fact that you struggle with it does not mean you should completely give in to it and dwell in it.

My bible tells me that my God will provide ALL my needs...if the birds of the air never fly hungry, how much more YOU a royal priesthood, one that He has made in His own image, set a little below the angels...YOU that he is mindful of! Today just taking everything in, it hit me that
in life we make certain choices which we end up paying for in the future...it's funny how when the future comes and things aren't going well, we fail to look back to this point when we made such a crucial decision...rather we want to blame the devil... Funny how we curse those that have put us in our various predicaments not knowing that we are cursing ourselves because in actual fact, what we face now are as a result of a seed we had sown years before.

My friends, I ask you do me this favor today...pick up a pen and paper and write out the things you desire today and in your future. Look at that sheet of paper and ask is there anything on here that is too big for God to do? I hear you say you've been praying for years for the same thing and nothing has come out of you prayers...My dear delay is not denial...God has answered your prayers the manifestation of his answer will come at His appropriate time not yours....Remember you've been made for His pleasure and not vice versa.

I hear what you are saying...its not easy...those are the same tears I shed every night before I crawl into bed but each night I ask for His grace...Give God a chance to play a role in every aspect of your life and you'll be amazed at what he'll do...

Almost every morning I wake up, I get a call or an email from one company or another offering me a position with their firm...my mates have all accepted positions, some have started work, while others are about to start but I refuse to settle for anything less than that which my heart desires. This stubbornness as some would call it is as a result of my complete faith in God's ability... "For He who started a good work in you, is able to complete it". At times I feel such shame because people don't understand what it is I am searching for and as a result they pass judgement...I remember leaving church the other night and a girl walked up to me and so callously said " You still haven't found a job?"... "ah ah I thought they said when you go to a top school once you get out there will be jobs waiting for you...so what happened to you?" ... that minute if the ground could swallow me, that would have been an offer worth taking... But like I said to her...there is something I am looking for in particular... I have been told I don't have the desired experience but my bible tells me the Earth is the Lords and its fullness thereof...it also tells me that the heart of kings are in the hands of God and he'll twist it whichever way that pleases Him. I am gradually re-learning how to surrender everything to God and smile even in the face of adversity and trials....

Make a choice today... it's not as hard as you think it is... all you need do is DECIDE... one of my favorite stickers on Molues and buses in Lagos are those that say "God is in control"... Oh how true...

You don't need to taste and see if it will work or not...God will not give you an impotent man, neither will He give you one that cannot satisfy your every desire... Chirst died for us so that we may live for Him....isn't that a fair trade?

If you desire to rededicate your life and affairs to God, join me in saying this short prayer

Dear Lord, I thank you for taking the time out to think of me. I acknowledge your love and acknowledge the sacrifice you made on my behave that you sent your only begotten son Jesus Christ to die for my sins, so that I can live for him. I rededicate my life and all my affairs to you. You are the all knowing one and I trust your desires for me are desires of good that will bring me to an expected end. Lord I ask for your grace as I start this new walk with you. Lord take dominion over all my affairs. This I ask through Jesus Christ my Lord. Amen.

Be blessed...watch out you are about to experience a new level..

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My Village people are Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll try and keep this post short cause from the look of things it's unwise for me to stay in any one place for more than a couple of hours...so I'll need to catch a cab to my underground bunker...lol.. it's not that serious oooo.... But man if there's anything I have learnt from the story I am about to share is...Your acts of today will return some day.

A few years ago(late 90's), I had a string of so-called friends (you know the type you hang out with...it's always about parties, nothing really helpful towards your development as an adult (lol)... I was also a Sunday-Sunday church goer...I knew I had a work with God but wasn't prepared to walk with God. Anyhow, during this period, I got to meet a lot of ladies...being the single guy that I was at the time and feeling no convictions whatsoever, I dabbled with a number of them.
Some of these "relationships" ended well, while a couple ended not so well...e.g. one of the girls I had been seeing actually had a boyfriend (I had no clue about this at the time ooo)...anyway one night the babe calls me up and has dude on the line also...next thing, I hear a dudes voice saying "tell him" ... still lost and trying to figure out who the third person was, the babe goes "Miguel I never want to see nor talk to you again!"... At that point it hit me that the dude on the phone must have been her boyfriend...but before I could say my piece, at least tell the guy that when I met the babe she claimed she didn't have a boyfriend, the line goes dead...I'd often heard such stories but to be involved in that triangle really rocked me. Anyway I digress... this summer babes from this era have been re-surfacing ooo... I mean it's like they all had a meeting and decided "summer 2007", lets all show up and torment him...lol.. It's funny cause a number of them don't know I had given my life to Christ...it doesn't make me perfect but it means certain things I used to do or find attractive have since changed. So you can imagine the shock they've each experienced...So how have they been tormenting me? Good question...here goes

Babe with boyfriend (late 90's)
A few months after the incident, she called me up trying to make a comeback...offering to break-up with her dude (lol...you people wonder why I find it hard to trust women off the cuff). Oh well she caught me on a day I wasn't wearing my "booboo the fool" hat as such I declined her offer and went ahead to block-list her number...lol... Recently she re-surfaced in full force...As in she knew I was in Atlanta and wanted to hook up...hook up ko fish hook ni...We got a chance to speak and she wanted to "re-enact" the past... I think I threw her for a spin when I told her that was my past and it had no place in my present and future...she goes "wow I had heard you were now born again but I couldn't believe it"....See as devil wan use person mess me up...

From Chi-town with Love (late 90's)
Now this was a sweet babe... I felt she was one of the nicest babes I'd met but at the time I wasn't prepared to get into a long distance relationship. She lived in Chicago at the time and I in Atlanta. Anyway she had a dude that was seriously toasting her at the time (at the time she said she wasn't feeling the dude) but I explained to her that at the time I wasn't ready for a LD relationship...Anyway, years passed and I moved to school in Chicago (completely forgotten about this babe...could have sworn I didn't know anyone in Chicago). I walk into church on Sunday, guess who I saw....Her!!!!!!!!!!!...my heart for some strange reason started to beat fast... I think she was in shock seeing me minister...she couldn't believe it...it was also tough for me cause flashes came running through my head...anyway a few minutes later, she introduced me to her husband...she is now married...phew! but man if she becomes a regular, I'll have to constantly request that the Holy Spirit renews my mind until I am able to cast away the images. One funny thing from this experience though.... the way the babe introduced me to the hubby, dude has no clue there was some history between his wife and myself (probably he doesn't need to know but I think I'd want my wife to tell me). Oh well..............

Social network gone wrong!(late '90's)

This was actually one of the couple that didn't end too well. I mean the girl was cool but we just had varied views about life and things in general. One minute we'd be smiling but once a topic came up for discussion, you would think we were sworn enemies... we could never agree on important topics like religion, politics...lol...Other than that, I think it's fair to say we had a great time...Though I must say if I ever grow bald, she's 15% of the reason why...lol...
Anyway I am chilling on my social network page, viewing other networkers (lol)...when I get a message in my inbox... I run to read the message and it's from a name that doesn't look familiar...I retract that..the first name looks familiar but the last name is strange...But from the note it's obvious this person knew me and knew me well...so I ran through my mental Rolodex of names (last thing you want to ask in that type situation is "who is this?..lol)...So it finally hits me ..it's her...funny how we have mutual friends but our paths never crossed after we split...anyway she goes on to tell me how she's now married and has three kids...(333333333333333333 kids!!!)... knowing fully well I just finished from B-School, she goes "And you?" for goodness sake you've kept tabs on me and so you know fully well I am as single as Adam was before Eve was created... Man what torture...but kai...she has 3 kidssssssssssss.... man I am beginning to think people get some form of income from dropping babies...this babe is too young to have already had 3 kiddsssssssss..... some months ago I went to Atlanta for my usual break...ended up attending a friend's kid's 1st birthday party (don't ask me what I was thinking!!).. man i walked in and I mean the place was packed with kids (duhh) but what shocked me was...there were only 6 mothers in there and about 18- 20 kids....So I asked my mate if some mothers had dropped off their kids and dude was like naaa the other 5 (excluding his wife) own them all....lol... the look on my face was priceless...who said the economy is tough....lol

Anyway I'll touch on the rest in my next post... I need to go take a shower and head out to the tailors place...I'll be involved in a wedding next week and the groom has told me it's mandatory I wear traditional ...Man I hate those things... I never feel comfortable in them...but oh well... I'll have to suck it up!...I'll just have to ensure no one takes a picture of me wearing it...lol... This past Sunday we had African day in church and everyone in the choir was to wear something international (native)...trust Miguel to show up in his suit...lol...Yup thats as international as it gets for me...I've been told that when I get married I'll have to wear it...Let's just say I plan on marrying an understanding wife...lol

Anyway I trust y'all are doing good....till my next entry, I'll leave you with this
In the old testament, most times the Israelites went to war, they took the Ark of Covenant with them...this Ark of Covenant signified God's presence... we are told how Joshua and Jehoshaphat through praise conquered the mountains they faced, we are also told how Obededom, reaped showers of blessing while the Ark resided in his house...As children of God, that same covenant is available to us but since we do not have the Ark of Covenant, we can rely upon God's word that says "He inhabits the praises of His people".... when you tie this two together, you see that regardless of the situation you are facing or what has been said, the key to your victory is praise...so open your mouth and sing the Lord a new song and watch Him do what He alone can do.Men promise and fail but God's promise will never return void. Amen!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

State of Affairs!

I must confess it feels strange blogging again. I must say though I am truly going to enjoy it this time...I think the break gave me a chance to learn a thing or two about myself, make a few mistakes and learn from them and more than anything, gave me a chance to realize what it is I want the most in life and how to get it.
So I've titled this entry the State of Affairs cause for the past couple of weeks I've experienced some interesting things and for the next couple of weeks, I'll be experiencing a lot more.
So where do I start? Lets start with my accommodation situation...

Mystery of a room mate

So I finally found a place to sublet for a couple of months while I try to decide what I want to do with this life of mine. When i initially came to view the place, it was sparkling clean..but my people ever since I signed on the dotted line and moved in, its been chaos oooo...As in I have an Asian room mate...he seems rather cool (hardly get to see or talk to him cause I am locked in my room 24/7). Anyway the first sign of chaos came when I returned home and in urgent need to use the restroom...before I left home, there was a full roll of toilet paper...when I got back it had been used up...I assumed if I checked the trash that I'd find answers to my question but what i saw in the trash at most was 1/20th of a full roll... man come to find out that the guy loves soft toilet paper ...still trying to figure out what he does with it..will keep y'all informed when I do find out.
The other day after enjoying some correct West Indies delicacies, I decided to bless the rest room...(don't act like you don't bless yours)...after pronouncing blessing upon the rest room, the scent I left behind wasn't anything threatening but my people when I got back home and walked into the rest room to pronounce greater blessings upon it, this guy had retaliated oooo I mean the bomb dude dropped would have helped the US military in fetching out Saddam quicker ... I mean it was "Shock and Awe" in its purest form... I am still in shock that the dude didn't have the courtesy to do it in his friends or girl friends house before coming home... Now I plan to eat correct beans (the night before I leave for Atlanta) and man I'll drop it like its hot! That will teach him not to mess with an African!...lol...

Before moving into this place, I never believed in ghosts but my people I think I have a family living in my place. It all started like a joke ooo .. I was chilling in my room watching something online when I heard my door open...shocked, I walked out of the door, looked around and there was no one at home... Walked back into my room and shut it again and the same thing happened again..it just opened...so I decided to use one of my suitcases as a wedge ...got back into bed, ready to resume my online viewing, when the door opened again... this has happened consistently for the past couple of weeks...so I decided to establish contact with them...whenever the door opens, I'll start to speak out in the hope I'd get a response...a writing...something! So I started off with politics... I got no response! So I came to the conclusion that speaking about Bush or the war in Iraq is of no use to them... I tried Yar'dua and everything went still in the room...so tomorrow I plan on speaking to them about the paranormal...probably X-files... if that doesn't work, then I'll have to visit a naija video store to get a movie with ghosts in it...hopefully that will get their attention ( then they'll know say Naija ghost pass ghost...lol..especially with the sound effects..lol)... I suspect its a family of four (cause each time the door opens 4 consecutive times and shuts the same ... I am thinking probably a husband, wife, daughter and a brat for a son. Anyway I'll keep y'all posted.

Summer Weddings
I must say I am really excited about the weddings I'll be attending this month and next month. The roll-call of peeps attending, leave me highly expectant. It's also the season of hook-ups as I already have three people to meet in one wedding and one in another...I'll keep you guys posted on how these meetings go... You know how friends hype up their friends...ahhhh I have that going on in excess... I mean what haven't I seen and heard..." Oh my friend knows you...you two were introduced at XYZ function ...you might not remember her (heck No! I don't remember her)... I must say for the first time in a really long while I am really excited about meeting these babes regardless of how it turns out... There is the need to let go of the past and usher in something new...Rejigger myself...

Mama Drama

Yup my mum is back in the news..AGAIN!!! my trip to Atlanta was ok... for some strange reason this trip felt different from the rest... was kind of concerned I was losing a friend who means a lot to me but we recently got a chance to speak and I am happy to report..it was false alarm!!
But my dearest mother wouldn't let me rest oooo.. I practically had to storm out of the house on one occasion..as in I had no destination I just kept driving until it was time to buy gas... I showed up at her church for a program they were hosting and she wanted me to meet everyone...now I had no problem meeting everyone but there's this particular brother that she wanted me to meet specially, sit down and talk...man once I saw the dude and he opened his mouth to speak, I knew where the conversation was headed and why my mum wanted us to meet ..as such I promised to make out time on my next visit (Note to self: Next visit you are staying in your own place)...anyway I guess that didn't sit well with my mother so early the next morning, I had just managed to put myself to sleep (lol), my mum knocks on my door...I acted like I didn't hear the knock but still the woman opened the door and walked in..."Miguel" ...still acting like I was still deep in my sleep..."Miguel"... she proceeds to tap me ...I turn to look at her and she hands me a book "How to recognize the compatible spouse"...without a word, she walks out...lol...man even though I was half asleep, I couldn't help but commend her new method... anyway I read the book (don't want to be called the disobedient son)... the book actually led to certain issues I now have with christian authors...they talk about not being unequally yoked, no sex before marriage...all of these I agree with but they don't tell you the name of the store where you can find a wife... I mean give me a name...Neiman Marcus or something... anyway I think I am done with christian literature on finding the One ...it seems like once you've read one, you've read them all and by the way, the next pastor that calls me to talk about finding "THE ONE" would really hear it from me..."Sir/Ma, please could you recommend a store where I can pick a wife? "...people need to understand that there is a reason why the bible says "He who FINDS a wife, findeth a good thing and obtaineth favor from God"....the bible even acknowledges that the babe is hiding and you have to find her... I don't know if any of you played "hide and seek" as kids..but if you did...you'd know that "special" kid that could hide so well that you'd get frustrated finding him/her...after a while you'd give up on the search and even the game...

Ok did it end there? NOOOOOO....next move my mum tried to lure me to a wedding...lol..oldest trick in the book...man she was shocked when i dropped my own bomb on her..."oh sorry mum I have a flight to catch"..."ah ah you are leaving today?" .."Yes mum...thought you knew"...my people thats how I drove straight to the airport oooo...lol

Anyway that's all for now.... I'll keep y'all posted...have a blessed week and remember the Lord that keeps you neither slumbers nor sleeps...meaning regardless of what the devil throws at you, God had been aware of it and had prepared an escape for you...This escape could be through the lesson you'd learn from the experience or situation but always trust that the Lord will never forsake His own.

Need to go check the toilet roll and see whats left of it....laterrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Monday, July 09, 2007

It's good to be back!!!

Hello worldddddddddddd.....yupppppp I am back!!!!!!! refreshed and filled with gist. The past few months have been really busy and exciting for me and I am grateful to God for His many wonders and mercies and especially His grace upon my life. I have been elevated in many ways and I ascribe all glory to God.

So how have y'alll been? I trust say una dey kampke.

Anyway this summer could probably be my best summer ever! It's refreshing regaining control of my time ... I have three important decisions to make before the fall but other than that, I'll just be chilling in bed, in the bookstore, crashing weddings, organizing outdoor events and working on a couple of projects.

Thought by now I'd be in Nigeria but plans have changed drastically...still plan on making the trip but I doubt its going to happen this month or next... I have wedding galore...I am involved in a couple, invited to a couple and plan to gate-crash the rest and depending on how I feel object to a couple (if I can make it to the church service on time)

On to other news jare... man the theatres have been buzzing this summer...the new flicks are highly impressive... I mean I spent a whole day in the theatre alone and completely had a blast! Some dude tried messing up my high man.... can you imagine this dude left the comfort of his home and bed, decided to come to the theatre to snore...At first I thought the snore was part of the movie but man this dude snored for a good 30 minutes....funniest thing was no one felt the need to nudge the dude but rather people just kept laughing... I wonder if the dude knew we all were laughing at him....utter embarrassment! That reminds me of a trip I took recently... Hadn't slept for two nights in a row, finally boarded the plane and as my luck would have it, it was a full flight...let's just say once I sank into my seat, I was knocked out cold... We finally got to my destination and man people around me kept staring at me... I mean the lady sitting beside me gave me a really weird look... Yup you guessed right! I snored throughout the flight... The beautiful thing about life is that I'll probably never meet these people again... but at least I have given them something to talk about...

Anyway I'll end here for tonight.... I missed y'all.........