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Monday, January 22, 2007

Release and Let God!

My peoplesssssssss...sorry as usual I went AWOL... a lot has been happening around me... I mean A LOT!! will write about that when I have more than 15 minutes to type. Y'all seem to be doing well (at least based on my tour around my favorite blogs).

Today I have a number of topics I'll like to touch on but due to the limited time I have, I decided to share an experience I had this weekend.

Every situation you face in life, affords you a chance to learn something new... when God allows a situation in your life, if you take the time to go through that situation and understand the lesson, you'll become a better person. Often at times I hear people say every situation is a chance to learn something and as many times as I hear people say this, I tell myself "they must be out of their minds!". Oh well, last week I got a new revelation.

So for a number of years, my work with God has been a struggle. A struggle in the sense that as much as I desire to please Him, I always seem to have a problem or two within the setting I choose to use as a medium to worship Him. For a few months now I decided to cut certain people out of my life....I mean OUT! Ever since I have known these people, its been one drama or another.... one story or another...one gossip or another... at a certain point I felt like leaving my church to worship elsewhere....each time I got the urging to do this, I'll speak with my pastor and each time I was given the same advice "running away wont solve anything...God has a work to do in you and in order for Him to do His work in you, you have to experience and come through certain things".... For the longest time, this made no sense to me until last week!
Last week I got fed up with certain gists I had been hearing about myself... I mean everywhere I go, people feel the need to link me with one babe or another...one episode or a chapter...it's funny cause they never seem to link me with the ones I truly like! at least that would make for better gist! Anyway we had an airing out session and it was amazing sitting back and listening to how people interprete my actions. Prior to this session, I could have sworn I was innocent but after listening, I realized how my actions most times put me in the situations I find myself. A friend of mine once said "dude you thrive on drama!" ...at the time it made no sense but after this airing session, it became clear... I thrive on drama because I allow and entertain certain things and people that bring drama. Anyway, after listening to them speak and finally explaining my position, we all made up...Immediately, I felt a release! that release manifested itself on Friday and on Sunday while worshipping...for the first time in a long while, I was able to worship God and I felt his anointing upon me...Oh how I missed it!

My message to you guys today is... people will offend you... how you choose to deal with it will determine whether you are alive or dead (spiritually). Release those that hurt you and let God handle the situation...trust me...the peace you feel will pass all understanding. When you release a person, it doesnt mean you two have to be buddies again... it just means you can afford to genuinely be civil towards the person knowing that He who is in you is greater than he that is in the world and that your blessing shall not be cut off due to someone sooo irrelevant.

Double portion & a vent!

The bible says "touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm". We are His anointed ... Every false word that the world speaks into your life will be rejected by God on your behalf... those that speak it will eventually be put to shame and with your eyes, you will see the Glory of God and the works of His hand and the manifestation of His word.

A few months back a "friend" of mine gave me some gist about some garbage some dude in my school had said about me... as much as it hurt, I made a promise to this "friend" that I wont confront the dude about the matter. What hurts is the fact that this dude is someone I have heard sooo much about and based on the things I heard, I decided to avoid him completely when he started in my school...despite all my attempts this dude still decides to peddle stories about me.
Dude accused me of "stalking" a babe ... for the longest, I couldn't figure out who the babe in question was...but this weekend, I finally did.... As I walked downstairs to meet my boys, dude walked in with the babe in question... apparently dude has been seeing the babe despite the fact that he has a girlfriend out of town... oh I could see the shock in his face...a part of me has been tempted to send his babe an email, letting her know that ol'dude is a creeper but another part of me goes " you've been vindicated...let go...let his shame follow him". Dude accused me of stalking a babe that has practically slept with a great number of minorities in my school...a babe that is so shameless, a babe that asked to be introduced to me.. a babe that came over to my place and tried to seduce me "NAKED!!!!"... Dude I stand tall and proud... I did not fall and in her face she can't deny it...there are emails to prove it... at some point when I heard the crap he said, I felt like coming against him with Psalm 140 but decided against it... Alas! the truth has been revealed! Dude its official you are a creeper of the worst kind... a cankerworm of the worst order...shameless! Before graduation, I promise to have a word with you...if not for anything else but just to let you know that I knew your evil all the while and while I seemed helpless, my God wasn't sleeping! You tried to mess up what could have been a good thing... it's sad that anyone could pay you any attention but like they say "birds of the same feather flock together!" talk about insecurities!

On second thoughts
Dude...you know what? since I am currently experiencing this peace from releasing folks, I am sending you an email to arrange a meeting...it's time I gave you what it is you deserve and have longed for. Hope you are ready... I plan on serving it HOT!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Letting go of the multitude!

Folks sorry I have been gone for so long.... I am taking six classes this quarter and I have just one more quarter to go...so I am trying to maximize my investment. Once again Happy New Year to everyone....I trust everyone had a smashing holiday break.

I must confess, in putting this post together, I have really struggled. Struggled because I have so much to write about but think its time I defined my blog. Through last year, I noticed a certain trend and as worrisome as this trend was, I pretended not to notice. I have noticed a sharp difference in reception when I post about gist, gossips etc and when I post about God and spiritual uplifting... A friend (also reader) warned that I stand to lose readers of my blog if I choose to to take this action....at this point I couldn't be bothered. I thank everyone that has supported my blog in the past year but I truly think its time I am true to myself and my belief.

So drum rollllll pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...... as from this day forth, this blog will be dedicated to helping folks know God better, helping folks through stuations and struggles they are going through...underlining every thought using the Word of God.

So to kick off, my first real blog for the year will be about "letting go of the multitude"...lol... appropriate title ...lol

So of late I have heard alot of people cmplain about "friends". "How could she spread such rumours about me?" How could he say such about me or do this to me?" why do I keep calling and this so-called friend doesnt call me back?" Why is s/he my friend?

Bottom line of late people are looking for ways to define the throng of people they call friends.
Today I am here to say that even Jesus realized there was no need for a multitude of "friends" He that knows all had an "inner circle". Some would argue that the twelve disciples were all close to Jesus but I dare say that Jesus was close to only 3! Peter, James & John You struggle to believe me? ok lets take a look at three events were Jesus had to select a number out of 12 disciples to go with Him
Transfiguration: Matthew 17: 1
Gethsemane: Matthew 26:36-37
Daughter of Jarius: Luke 8: 51

All I am trying to say is, in this year, if you plan or desire to live a life without the drama of friendship, it's important you realize who is in your "inner circle". You do yourself great harm by exposing your plans and all to every Tom, Dick and Harry! The bible says Guard your heart with all dilligence for out of it is the wellspring of life! I'll advise you guard your vision as well... for many will flock around you claiming to be your friends but only a few will live up to the expectations of a friend....Never allow anyone select you as a friend...Pick your friends! Learn to love from a distance...not everyone that calls you friend is a friend!

In order to make this blog more interactive.... I am open to questions and helping people research issues or concerns they might have. I pray as you go through this year that your vision may not be cut short...That God will bless you with true friends....friends that wont lead you astray but will help in building you up and encouraging you to reach your true potential.
Understand that a friend isn't that person who tolerates the rubbish or encourages you to go against God's word...if you catch yourself continually sinning when you are with a particular friend or crew, its time you take stock and ask what the benefits of that friendship is....

From time to time, I go through my phone book and actually assess everyone on my list.... I ask myself what they've contributed to my life and what i have contributed to theirs.... if I come out with Zero, it becomes apparent its time to discard.

I wish you all the best and pray God will help you select true friends.

Monday, January 01, 2007

1st fight, the friend, my house guest & a get together

Happy New Yearrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.... Ok I wont be Nigerian if I don't accompany that with prayers..So here goes

I pray this year brings you great successes,
as your will and that of God for you become entwined
I pray like Solomon, God will grant you wisdom and like Jabez
He will expand your coast... He will make your feet like the hinds feet
You will find peace amongst men
Even your enemies will be at peace with you
May God shower you with his love
May He guide your path this year,
May His presence be your shekinah place
May he reveal to you the mysteries of your life
For the single ladies may God grant you a Boaz and take away all Bozos
For the single guys may God grant you a Ruth and take away all Jezebels
For the Married just as you've found favor through your union, May God's everlasting favor rest upon your household and your marriage.
The blessings of the Lord are yours
May 2007 mark the start of greater things and manifestations in your lives
where the sky is the limit for others, May that be where your greatness starts.
I pray in Jesus Name. Amen

Main Gist

As the title suggests, I was going to blog about my first fight with my newly found love (xbox 360), a gay friend turned straight, my dramatic house guest and an interesting get together but I came across a couple of articles that got my heart pumping as such I have decided to dedicate todays blog to everyone... Reading through this article you'll notice a mix of qualities... Uprightness, patriotism, sincerity and selflessness.

So I picked up my New York Times today and was touched by an article I read. The article titled from father to son, last words to live by drew the strings of my heart. From this article I could infer the quality of the man in question... The man in question is a military man on duty in Iraq, who took time off to write a 200 paged journal for his newly born son just in case he died in Iraq. A few weeks after seeing his newly born child, he was killed by a bomb. I have decided to merge the excerpts of his writing in this post...One to share with you all but also to remind myself that you truly can't say you've lived a life if you've been selfish with it.

Excerpts from Father to son, Last words to live by

Dear son, Charles wrote on the last page of the journal, I hope this book is somewhat helpful to you. Please forgive me for the poor handwriting and grammar. I tried to finish this book before I was deployed to Iraq. It has to be something special to you. I've been writing it in the states, Kuwait and Iraq.

Never be ashamed to cry. No man is too good to get on his knee and humble himself to God. Follow your heart and look for the strength of a woman.
Charles tried to anticipate questions in the years to come. Favorite team? I am a diehard Cleveland Browns fan. Favorite meal? Chicken, fried or baked, candied yams, collard greens and cornbread. Childhood chores? Shoveling snow and cutting grass. First kiss? Eighth grade

In neat block letters, he wrote about faith and failure, heartache and hope. He offered tips on how to behave on a date and where to hide money on vacation. Rainy days have their pleasures, he noted: Every now and then you get lucky and catch a rainbow.

Remember who taught you to speak, to walk and to be a gentleman, he wrote to Jordan in his journal. These are your first teachers, my little prince. Protect them, embrace them and always treat them like a queen.

It's not fair to judge someone by the color of their skin, where they're raised or their religious beliefs, he wrote. Appreciate people for who they are and learn from their differences.

The 18th was a long, solemn night, he wrote in Jordan's journal. We had a memorial for two soldiers who were killed by an improvised explosive device. None of my soldiers went to the memorial. Their excuse was that they didn't want to go because it was depressing. I told them it was selfish of them not to pay their respects to two men who were selfless in giving their lives for their country.
Things may not always be easy or pleasant for you, that's life, but always pay your respects for the way people lived and what they stood for. It's the honorable thing to do.

God blessed me above all I could imagine, Charles wrote in the journal. I have no regrets, serving your country is great.

(read full article here :http://www.nytimes.com/2007/01/01/us/01charles.html?em&ex=1167886800&en=4517e2b5b5f7ca95&ei=5087%0A)

Parting words of a man who must have felt the breath of death but realized the responsibilities he owed to his nation and more importantly the future of a son who would one day grow to be a man.

This story caught me on various levels... I realize that our situations in life and ambitions may differ but I truly think as the future generation, we have a lot to offer and the time couldn't be better than now. As we prepare for the forthcoming Nigerian elections, lets continually ask ourselves what it is we are doing and what part it is we've played in making that country better. I hear a lot of complains but no solutions... Let's also ask oursleves about the state of our young men...what is becoming of them?... a prayer now and again won't hurt but even the bible says "faith without works is dead!! ...So what can you do and how can you contribute? Let this year be about giving more than receiving but let that giving be meaningful and impactful.

I leave you all with another interesting but lighter story I read. Apparently last year some airport workers and crew members of United Airlines (O'hare airport) spotted a mysterious saucer-shaped craft hovering over O'hare airport.... Anyway, one O'Hare controller was amused by it all and said
"To fly 7 million light years to O'Hare and then have to turn around and go home because your gate was occupied is simply unacceptable".

Do you believe in UFOs?