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Friday, December 29, 2006

4 Pastors, Gifts and New Love!

Hello worldddddddddddd!!! Yeah yeah yeah talk about originality...Don't blame me I am out of ways to greet y'all... Besides I love this greeting because of its significance...That is how Tiger Woods greeted the world when he announced he was turning Pro in 1996 and also if you've taken a C++ class, it's also your first real code...lol...Who knows maybe if I continue saying hello world the sorry state of my game of golf will change for the better.

Anyway how are y'all? (y'all is a southern thing...lol) ...Hope y'all had a swell Christmas cause without pity nor sympathy I had a blast this Christmas... I spent it with my Pastors!!! Anyway my Christmas started off wellll...Got the most thoughtful gift I've received for years and for that I am grateful to JAM... Of late I have grown accustomed to folks demanding one thing or another for Christmas or their birthdays but when I ask what they got for me, its always the same story " ah ah you have everything you need...Besides you know we can't afford your taste"...Note to all concerned...If I can afford the things you desire, its time you start saving early to get me what I desire... Ok ok ok ... The joy is in giving but there's nothing wrong in receiving once in a while... Anyway back to this thoughtful gift I received...I received the 12 days of Christmas gift... I mean each came with notes filled with powerful words, describing my qualities, passion, struggles and pains...I thoroughly enjoyed them ... I wake up each day reading the notes that accompanied each gift and I must say JAM you've topped my all-star list. Thanks for making Christmas a blast.... Also got a call from one of my closest friends...Hadn't heard from him in the longest...This is one dude that actually saw me grow from an occupier of a box-room (its called closet in the US) to where I am today. I guess dude had seen the movie "In pursuit of Happyness" and thought about me...Unbeknownst to him, I had balled my eyes out like a baby about a week ago after watching the movie... Yeah if you take away the child, that story replicates my experience through life...I'll blog about that some other time... Really don't want to feel down today. Anyway in all, my Christmas morning was great...The only thing missing was snow (yeah I love White Christmas...Can't wait to get married...there's something romantic about waking up on Christmas day with your wife beside you and snow drops outside).

I was to spend my Christmas day with my Pastor (I'll call him Pastor W)... He failed to warn me that I'll be spending the day with Pastor I, Pastor B, Pastor F as well... But peeps I had a splendid time... Got a chance to talk to the Head Pastor of my church Pastor B...That man is sooooo humble, each time I get a chance to talk to him, my prayer request to God seems to increase... A man of the highest integrity...I pray God continues to increase him.

Anyway Pastor W, whose house the gathering was held in, happens to be my mentor and also the Pastor that I am spiritually accountable to (my Father in the Lord). Every Sunday after service, we catch up for a few minutes to see and hear what's going on in each others lives..Okay okay ..In my life and every other month we sit back to really talk about where I am, where I need to be and how and what I need to do to get there...Each time I speak with him and he shares with me where he sees me, at times I am left wondering if the man is talking about me but from the mouth of two, God confirms His word ...So I guess the world has seen nothing yet! Anyway while we all were talking and discussing the current state of affairs as it pertains to marriages, relationships and children, he called me aside and decided it was best we caught up on things at that point in time.... I mean when he was done talking to me, I fell back into my seat... I guess the expression on my face was obvious for all to see as people kept asking what it is that he had said to me that had practically made me sober.... Anyway part 2 of our conversation will occur tomorrow and hopefully I'll feel a lot better than I currently feel...One advice I'll give everyone out there ...If you don't have someone you are accountable to, it's imperative you get yourself one...Someone who would ensure you are headed the right way through prayers and not just words.... Bottom line this year I need to take the idea of settling down seriously... I need to be more pro-active and prayerful.

Yes oooo you read the title of my blog well.... I didn't know I was in love until today...My people Miguel is in loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Anyway I decided to write something short to the one I love

Friends introduced us years ago
but I had no interest cause I was busy
busy trying to make a living
busy trying to get my share of the American dream
Four years on, we've reconnected and I must say you've taken me to places
I could only dream of
Who knew I could pull all nighters for two straight days
Two straight days of caressing you
Two straight days having you as my main focus
Friends have gotten mad at me because of the amount of attention
I've been showing you
but how can they blame me....If they knew you the way I know you they'll know you are addictive
I guess I now know why drug addicts find it hard to give up
When I hold you in my hands, I feel in control
As we scream shamelessly, I experience a high
Oh Xbox 360 what have you done to me
Oh Xbox 360 so this is why women complain about you taking over their position in marriages and relationships
Ahhhh Xbox 360 my love...Be good to me ... For clearly I have given up and said a lot because of you...
Xbox 360 can you see the bags beneath my eyes?
If I ever out-grow you, I'll remember these days and cherish them.

Lol... I bet you all were expecting some berra gist.....seee your eyes...But seriously I am thinking of packing this thing up and shipping it to my niece... I had been warned of how addictive one can get but had no clue it could be so real... For the past week or so I've been going to bed at 6AM .... Oh well I guess I finally found my Christmas love...with the way most Christmas love connections go, I'll be dumping it before valentines day....lol

Anyway I am off to sleep..Its 6:01 Am here....I have to take my new found love through a different experience today (a new game...lol) and its going to require alertness...

Please y'all pray for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Why it's easy to walk away

Hello worlddddddddddddddddd! (I need to come up with a different way of greeting folks)... Hope you all are having fun and enjoying the season; As we shop and chop, let us keep in mind the reason for the season.

Anyway I have been good...Preparing for Christmas... Still haven't bought Christmas gifts yet cause I am still pondering on whether to be cheap and look for a reason to defend why I wont be giving out gifts this year (Probably tell my mum "the significance of Christmas isn't the exchanging of gifts but rather the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ)...hmmm...I trust she'll have a bible passage that says otherwise...Oh well I guess after posting this I'll swing by the stores to indulge myself ..lol...

I'll attempt to keep today's post as short as possible, giving others a chance to contribute... The title of this post has been adjusted to convey what I feel is the true state of affairs. Temmytayo had requested I write about why it's easy for men to walk away.

I truly don' think its a gender issue but rather an issue that arises based on different circumstances and situations people find within a relationship. As usual, let me start by saying that I am no authority in this subject-matter but only stating an opinion based on what I have experienced.

There are various reasons why its easy for people to walk away from relationships. I'll start with the most obvious and then go from there (for all I know, some people might be familiar with all).

Selfish : I truly believe from the onset of every relationship, the parties involved have an idea of their true intentions. The problem is most times both parties don't take the time out to assess if they want the same thing!!! There is a part A and part B to this section. The part A happens to be guys who clearly know when they meet a lady that their interests lie strictly in the physical assets the lady possesses. Their aim from the point when they initiate contact with the lady is to ensure they gain access to those assets and do with them as they please till they find another... My people call this Chop! Clean mouth! Or Open and Close!
(once she opens, case is closed!!). This act leaves the woman emotionally distressed (though I must say these days you meet quite a number of women who have turned sex into a hobby and they take their hobbies serious!..lol)... Part B of this deals with the ladies...Some ladies after a certain age (cough! cough!! Oops here comes another COUGH!!!) are so desperate to settle down that the tiny issue of love is relegated in search of comfort and spoils. These ladies walk into relationships or condition guys in the hope that their temporal show, will lead to a full-time gig (marriage)...When these ladies discover that the guy is just as smart in their game as they are, they walk away...If the guy fell in love during the process, he lives to bare the scar. Most times it takes but a minute for these ladies to be seen with another potential... They date without restriction or conviction!

Nothing invested Nothing Gained: It's always easy to walk away from a relationships you've invested nothing in. It's tough to walk away from a relationship where you've given your all, invested your time and energy on.

Issues beyond our control: Issues like religion (in my case at least), come into mind when I think about this group. I simply wont marry an unbeliever regardless of how I feel and I must say I will find it extremely easy to walk away. In life we all have priorities and depending on how you've placed yours in the ladder of wisdom, could affect how you feel walking away from a relationship... My ladder of wisdom looks something like this
So as you can see if I find myself in a relationship where my partner decides to become an atheist, I will find it really easy walking away.

Multiple-Personality : This happens quite often...You meet a person and you think of them in one light only to find that like the disco bulb, they come in many lights. This is enough reason for me to walk especially if I find that my bulb isn't compatible with the many lights. I realize a number of people will argue that you never truly know your partner even after you've been married for years....I agree but I bet you have a good hold of what it is they are capable of doing and clearly what they are incapable of doing.

Macho-ism: You find this particularly in guys. Sometimes when a guy walks away, trust me he is hurting and hurting bad...For the sake of "pride" dude would rather bare the pain than be seen to be "soft". So though he might say those harsh words, act heartless, some guys do hurt and walking away is the best or only way they know how to deal with things....Its the easy way!

Psychological: You find this trend especially in people who have experienced neglect by either their father, mother or guardian while growing up... Kids from broken homes also find it easy to walk away from relationships because their upbringing has conditioned them that way. A child that sees or learns that one parent walked away from the other if not brought up properly with and in love, could subconsciously display such at adulthood.

Most of the points I have mentioned above are avoidable. I'll touch on the one that I feel will help majority of my readers.

No sex! No entanglement!!: It is easy to walk away from a relationship when there are no entanglements. Try putting off sex from your relationship especially when you initially meet a guy or lady (I know it might be tough...lol...)...See how long they last and if they remain the same through the period...Especially if you are hard on your stance of NO sex! Sex involves a lot of emotions ... Without sex in a relationship, it's easy for people to walk away with little or no hurt and even if hurt exists after the break-up, it takes a shorter period of time to overcome. A guy who is with you for sex will simply walk away or seek sex elsewhere in the hope that continually pressuring you will lead you to give in... A woman would do the same thing!

Reminds me of a saying I think I first heard from a very close friend of mine when I was going through something similar... "Like a bird, let her go..If she was yours, she'll come back but if she doesn't , she never was" the problem I have when I hear people say this to others is, no one talks about how to deal with the pain and disappointment...So being the fellow that I am ...I decided to come up with a great finish...clearing my throat...Cough cough cough... Do re mi fa so la ti do... Ok here goes (feel free to change as your heart pleases)

Like a bird let her GO,
If she was yours, she'll come back
but if she doesn't, she never was
Thank goodness, I wont have to run on her menstrual cycle!

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha h ah aha ah aha... (hmm that was rather dry...)

So now that I am done blabbing, in your opinion why do you think people find it easy to walk away from relationships and what can people do to counter that or deal with that?

Anyway if I fail to blog before Christmas, here is a Merry Christmas to everyone ... just in case I don't blog before the New Year...Happy New yearrrrrrrrrrrrr.

By the way ...lest I forget .. I have tried posting comments on peoples blogs and for some strange reason I cant seem to log on to have my comment posted...wharrris going on? wharra hell?

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Conclusion: Case of the Ex!!

Let me start off by thanking those that have left me comments in regards to the post about my ex (forgive me for not responding to each comment but I feel this post will cover much of the comments made). I must say some of the comments got me cracking up, others got me thinking and a couple got me searching...in all, great comments.

A number of people have asked why we broke up in the first place. At the time I broke up with my ex, I realized I had to make a decision because things were getting wayyyy serious and jewelry stores had become a favorite past time. The snag was the fact that despite my prayers and prompting, we weren't evenly yoked. She was a staunch catholic and wasn't willing to consider anything else. I on the other hand knew that I had to draw closer to God and needed to live a lifestyle that was of true worship to Him. In the midst of these thoughts, you also had extended family calling and actually stating their reservation about our relationship (they thought I jazzed her or something... I guess its true when they say Love is like drinking from a fire hose...it leaves you dazed ...I was so in love and so was she... my family actually thought she jazzed me as well...we couldnt keep away from each other..not even for a day..lol).

Anyway I bet you guys are surprised that I am blogging about a conclusion prior to my trip... well I won't be meeting my ex again. One thing I failed to mention in my last post was the fact that myself and P.I had asked God to intercede if He felt she wasn't the one for me... I must confess I struggled to say that prayer but I am glad I did... we spoke this morning and decided it was best we don't meet up...we spoke about what we shared and why it was special, she understood why I made the decision I made (our break up)... I understood why she did the things she did after we broke up and actually confirmed a suspicion I had at the time. Let me say the conversation was great! Great because through it all I had that peace that passeth understanding... I mean I wasn't going to argue or force issues... noooooooo ... Today God confirmed His word "I will always be there with you, even till the end of time"... today I realized that despite my doubts of late based on the battles I am currently facing, despite my flaws and my short-comings, God is still God and He still loves me dearly. He has a design for my life that beats anything ever created or that I could plan. I re-dedicate my life to Him and I can't wait to see what else He has in store for me.

As for my ex, I'll always love her for who she was to me and what she meant to me... she allowed herself to be used by God and as tough as the decision was today, she was still selfless in encouraging me...how many women can stand and say if they dont have their way they'd still be a source of encouragement.

Today our chapter ends and I plan to start afresh.

In the past few weeks (since the start of summer), I have regressed emotionally. I found myself giving into the simplest temptations and at a point almost giving up on my faith. It's funny because I actually read something a friend wrote about a persons walk with God and I sat hurt that I had let God and myself down and given someone the opportunity to ever doubt my beliefs. Oh well the bible says "old things have passed away; behold all things are new" ... "though sorrow may last for a night but joy comes in the morning"...thank you Lord for this morning... thanks for a new start...

I bet many are wondering how I plan to proceed...well I'll take some time off to re-discover myself....take some time off to re-discover the voice of the Lord... take some time off to remember who I am and why I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Let the redeemed of the Lord say Amen!

To my ex (I know you are reading this...lol...silly girl)... Thanks for understanding, thanks for being the person that you are...thanks for everything...I wish you and bloke the very best life has to offer... enjoy the moment...like the lyrics to a song I remember "these are the times we all wish for the moment when less means so much more". Remember to keep this blog to yourself or else I am putting you on full blast and that includes pictures... NO! its not a threat...it will be real!...lol

To those that might care ... We will only experience this life but once... if today be the end, lets satisfy all that we desire...so that when the day of judgement comes (and Oh yes that day will come!) we can smile knowing well that we enjoyed it to the fullest... and if not for that but let's enjoy it to the fullest so that when the kids come rolling in and they come of age, we'll have quality and truthful stories of the joys and the pains life brings and the love that heals.

I am healed!

Take care y'all. I cherish y'all even though I know you not.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Case of the EX!!

Guys I am tired of apologizing for my absence ...lol...After a while I bet my "sorry" won't have much worth if I continue to abuse it... Well to bring you up to speed, I just finished my exams...One in particular was an all nighter (take home) and I guess I'll say I have been emotionally unbalanced of late so when you add all that together, you'll have to agree with me posting a new blog hasn't been a priority.

I trust no one on here cares about how my exams went but would rather savor the emotional gist...Being the "John Kerry" that I am, I'll cater to the majority. So here goes ... Of late I have been going through quite a bit..While I don't plan to post everything (ok I will if someone offers to fry me some soft plantain), I'll touch on different aspects. Anyway I decided to dedicate this post to my ex... My visit to Atlanta has given us reasons to re-connect....Well for at least one day...We've decided to sit down and talk...I bet some of you are going.."Okayyyyyyyyyy?" well our situation has a twist... We've been apart for about five years (wow! How time flies) but for some strange reason, things haven't been resolved between us. Every year other than the first year after our break up, we get to speak on about four occasions (mostly our birthdays and holidays)...The only problem is the talk always seems to come back to "we were good together why did we break up?" ... Each year we determine its best we don't speak (we feel it's disrespectful to the guy she's currently dating if we continue to have such conversations) but I must say each time she calls back on a different occasion, I am always open to talking...So since this year will be ending in about 21 days, we agreed it's time we sit down and talk... So my people I'll be heading off to see the Ex. This blog is dedicated to the good exes ... Those that positively impact your life, have played vital roles in your life and God has used them as vessels in making you the person you are today. Having come out of a number of situations, met the best and the worst life has to offer,I must say without shame nor reservation, I truly cherish the relationship I had with this ex in question.

Some people come into your life filled with selfish intentions and expecting to fulfill that which pertains to their ego rather than truly play a significant part in your life. I have seen many who come into a relationship wanting the title but fail to understand that a title comes with a role and unless you fulfill the role for which your title is associated, you've failed! (Guys want that trophy woman, beautiful, yet they fail to work hard in order to keep her looking pretty and they complain when she looks elsewhere...What do you expect? Remember she's a trophy babe, she's got nothing going for her but her beauty)...Women on the other hand want to immediately be known as his girl but fail to realize that in order for a man to see you as a potential wife, you have to add value to his life... What's the point of being with you if you only add to the mess he currently has going on...Tyler Perry said it best when he said"I can do bad all by myself".

I have decided to write about my Ex because for some strange reason, I feel this might be the last time we speak...My Ex showed me love that would leave men envious... I mean even without a wedding ring, she was my support...When folks thought I wasn't worth the slip on their flip flops, she felt I was the rubber used in making the flip flop without which there would be no flip flop. Some ladies feel I haven't dated because of my Ex ...I'll give them little credit for that observation but I'll say the greater problem is the fact that quite a number of ladies I have met aren't willing to make the necessary sacrifice..Those that seem to try seem to have an escape clause others are just plain bold and untrue. I mean the minute you proclaim your feelings for a person, its unjust and damn right low to continue running your eyes, it not only shows a total lack of respect but also connotes a deeper problem ..You are nothing but a CHEAT! ..."Love is a declaration...Not of words but of actions that speak volumes"- Spicy Miguel 2006 (all rights reserved)

I was nothing when I met my ex...Struggling to make ends meet...Her siblings and cousins felt she needed to look elsewhere...She deserved to be with a chap that could spoil her silly (she had many of such toasters)... But she knew my worth, understood my values, appreciated my struggle, realized my goals, celebrated my little successes and was frustrated with my failures....Still she persevered. She has my respect to date because she was true...true to her feelings, never fledging but ensuring that we had a very open relationship...Our feelings for each other weren't based on how we both felt but rather on a conviction that each of us were true to how we felt... Meaning the way either of us felt wasn't based upon reciprocation or in other words how the other person felt...

I realize that some people will say it's totally unfair to compare my ex with the ladies I meet ... I truly can't argue with this...I truly believe people should have their own opinions and whatever convictions they have has led them to the person they are today but I do have a question ... When you meet a guy/girl how do you assess if it's worth dating them? Some ladies compare the men in their lives to their father, the men compare the women to their mothers...So why is it so wrong of me to compare women to a point in my life that I can clearly say was "true"?

What could have been is not a function of the past but rather of the present, offering us an interpretation of the past and the future we want.

I'll keep you all posted when I get back and I'll also blog about an interesting topic Temmytayo brought up...Why it's so easy for men to move on?.

As usual I'll end this piece the way I end other posts I have written about love
Love like you've never loved before...Yes! You might get hurt...Yes! Even after they've hurt you, they might lie on you to cover their flaws...Yes! They might make it hard to trust again but believe that love is a healer and give that person all your heart...Trusting that when and if it ever ends, your conscience will be clear and deep down your heart, without reservation you know you gave it your best!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Thanksgiving Gone, Memory lingers!

Some folks reading this will ask "dude it took you so long to update us on how your thanksgiving went"....Sorry guys hope the gist will be adequate compensation for the time it took to post it.

Left for Atlanta on Sunday... I was suppose to be in Atlanta in time for My boy's baby dedication... Let's just say I got to the airport 30 minutes before my flight and they wouldn't allow me check-in (in order to check a bag in, you have to get to the airport 1.5 hours before your flight departure time) ..WHATTTTTT? It's funny because though I have been traveling a lot of late, this was actually the first time I was checking-in a bag in two years! To add insult to injury, I was selected for pre-screening...man by the time dude was done, I vowed never to be late for my flight AGAIN! Anyway didn't make it to the church service but managed to make it to the reception... It's important I share this at this point... I look at some married friends and doubt I want to get married but these two people, each time I see them, I leave fully determined to get married...Talk about happiness...Talk about respect... Talk about love...Then talk about Mr. man's fat neck (dude neck is almost non-existent)... Anyway the reception was nice, got a chance to bury the hatchet with someone I hadn't seen in a while but mannnnn Yoruba folks..What's with you people giving your kids 100 names? Ah ah! I truly have to pick one name and stick to it as the child grows but talk about names... But in all...Great names ...

I am still trying to come up with a word that would truly describe how much I enjoyed my thanksgiving and I am yet to find it. Let's just say I had a blast from the minute I got into the "A-town". A lot has happened since I left that town almost two years now... Peeps have grown, kids have matured, folks are dropping babies like nollywood movies, people are competing in terms of how scandalous they can be, the Amebos have gone nuclear with how they now deliver gossip, new spots to be seen at...The ladies remain "hot"..Ok sizzling hottttttttt! I can't walk you through how I spent everyday but I'll share the days filled with fun activities.
Wednesday Night
I had a dinner at my favorite restaurant in town, invited a few friends over and a new friend. Let's just say I had such a blast at the dinner that I am making it an annual event. The people were off the hook...Conversation was great...I mean it had everything in it..From the traditional naija practice of name dropping, to politics to partying in Naija to career to traveling by air ...lol...You get the gist. One thing I got out of this dinner, was how much I missed the people in Atl as compared to the town I currently reside in... Intelligent, beautiful, upward-moving peeps who seem to know what they want and how they want to be defined...Rather than looking for a man or woman who would define them. Let me spend the next two lines talking about my new friend...I love women who can dress, talk with confidence, have a clear sense of where they are and where they are headed, cool and down to earth, secure in themselves...My new friend is all these and I must confess a lot moreeee... na correct okpeke (in the words of another friend at the dinner)...Ladies and gentlemen, it's official Ms. May is hotttttttttttttttttt! I am not just writing this to make her head swell but I really mean the babe is hot! (note to Ms. May: you look so innocent with your glasses on...lol) it was nice meeting you in person and generally cracking up...Talk about a babe that everything about her shows increase...Even in terms of the population of the various cities she's lived. Thanks for the hook-up on Thursday night...I can finally say I attended one of TiwaWorks events when he blows up...From the little I observed, he caters to a totally different crowd (different from the peeps I am used to seeing at such events).
Met up with my friend from high school after the dinner, there is something so strong about friends you make in high school (if you ever attended one of the Federal Government Colleges and were a boarder, you'll understand what I mean). Time changes nothing...It was as if we were still in Federal! Dude took me into town...Ended up in a lounge where I bumped into Hype Williams...Great music, great atmosphere and as usual ATL ladies represented! It was cold but man you could see the long queue...Ladies scantily dressed, showing off skin, waiting in line to get in (makes no sense why you'd dress like that in such cold...to attract what? a guy that would most likely "chop and clean" mouth? arggggggggg) ... Thanks Miss Chi for the VIP treatment and entrance...We didn't get patted down, didn't have to pay... Folks were looking at us like "Stars" ..So na dis kin treatment all these stars dey enjoy...Ok all I need now is an album about anything!...hmmm Probably could rap about blogging, get Timberland to drop the tunes and Voilaaaaaaaaaa! I'll have a hit! find me hitting up ever and any lounge just to get the VIP treatment.It's amazing what 1 hit can do for you...check out Akon dude has just one hit but he gets VIP treatment everywhere he goes...am I missing something? ...lol... Ok I am hating...lol!.. Anyway Flex thanks son! Next trip is on me!
A touch of red and party crashers
So a friend from the dinner was having a party on Thursday, themed a "touch of red". As the name suggests, it was compulsory that everyone invited have or wear something red. Oh well at the risk of looking fashionably challenged, I showed up with a red scarf. We got to the spot for the party and lo' and behold people were showing up wearing other color clothing no touch of red... You could say at first the party might as well have been tagged " sprinkle of red". Why can't Nigerians take instructions? If the host/hostess says "touch of red" wear or carry something red with you! arggggggggg!
I wasn't surprised to hear from the hostess that she didn't know half of the people in the room. Anyway after about 45 minutes, myself and my boy "T", decide its probably time to leave...While outside exchanging pleasantries with a few folks who were either just coming or leaving, we noticed a throng of people leaving the house...Music had stopped, cars had started, folks were driving off...Trust me to put my investigative skills to use... Let's just say the hostess had taken the last straw and had decided to BOUNCE people...lol...Man memories of my days in Nigeria came rushing ....Rather than All Boys OUT!!!!, ol'girl was selectively bouncing folks... I mean she was picking and choosing who to bounce... Much credit to her ... I think its high time crashers get exactly what their names suggest ...CRASH... yea yea yea ... I know that's mean of me but really I would have been pissed off myself if I invited people and gave them strict instructions to show up in white and folks were showing up in rainbow colors....If you are going to crash a party at least follow instructions! Oh well...After the throng of crashers had left, we decided to walk back into the party and you could tell the crowd was different... Much love "B" for throwing a nice gig... It was fun meeting folks I haven't seen in ages.
One observation - Babes are bollllllllllllllllllld! I mean the whole "see what you want, go for it!" mantra seems to have been taken to a new level these days by the ladies. It's funny and quite unlike me but I like it...Though I must say at least have some sense as to why you like the person you are going after....The whole "you are funny" doesn't work these days! (well I hope not!).
In all I had a great weekend...Now that I am back here, I have to figure out how to keep myself motivated until the next time I get a chance to visit the A-town! Any suggestions?